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You can’t expect people to understand your eating habits…

This is a topic I’ve been wanting to discuss for a while now.  I was at Subway a few weeks ago.  There was someone ordering ahead of me.  She ordered 2 Veggie Delight sandwiches.  From the get-go, this girl had an attitude with the “sandwich artist.”  She acted very snooty and I was already wanting to punch this chick in the throat.  If there are 2 jobs everyone on this planet should work at least once in their life, it’s food service and retail.  And I’ve done both, so I always try to be as respectful as I can to those “serving” me, as long as they are respectful toward me.  Anyway, the sandwich artist asked the customer if she wanted the sandwiches toasted.  She replied yes, so the artist proceeded to put the sandwiches on the toasting tray.  Then all hell broke loose.  The customer was like “really?  did you really just do that?  I want to cancel my order please.”  I had no idea what this girl’s problem was.  She then explained to the sandwich artist that she ordered veggie delight sandwiches and “you just put them on the same tray used to toast sandwiches with meat…you cut my sandwich with the same knife used to cut sandwiches with meat…” and on and on and on.  

Once she started explaining all of this to the sandwich artist, I fully understood.  This girl is an all-out vegan.  Okay, that’s cool…but you are at SUBWAY.  You cannot expect everyone else to understand your specific dietary needs. Being vegan or vegetarian is not the norm so you can’t expect people to understand that they should use completely separate utensils or trays or whatever else.  I am totally down with vegans and veggie lovers…it’s just my opinion that you shouldn’t be so absurdly rude to someone making your sandwich because they don’t even understand what the word vegan entails.  Hell, I didn’t until I worked with someone that was vegan.  It blew my mind that she didn’t want honey in her tea.  Then I started asking all sorts of questions so that I could understand.  

Moral of my story…don’t get mad at your sandwich maker because they don’t understand your eating habits.  I understood where this girl was coming from but for her to talk in such a derogatory manner to the Subway worker for not understanding that she was a vegan was just uncalled for.  And it’s not like this girl made it known that she was a vegan.  I order veggie sandwiches all the time–but not because I’m vegan.  So I’m sure this employee just thought she was ordering a veggie sandwich–nothing else.  

What do you vegans and/or vegetarians think about this?  Have you ever had to explain to someone in a restaurant your specific needs?



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