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So yeah, maybe I should start running…

Before we get started, I wanted to show you what one looks like after hot yoga

photo (35)


I know, I know…hot right?  Hot as in temperature hot.  I got home from Columbia around 1:30 today and decided since my hubby was going golfing, I was going to hot yoga.  I am so glad I did.  It was just what I needed to wind down a great weekend.  (By the way, if you want your hair to look this good, don’t brush it for about 24 hours…works wonders.)

So I mentioned that I went to Columbia…well before that, I played in a bocce ball tournament yesterday at the Aiken Mini Bluegrass Festival. I had definitely never played bocce ball before yesterday.  So yeah, we were totally in it to win it.  I played as a member of our Young Professionals group–and money from the tournament went to a good cause (United Way), so I didn’t mind getting roped into this.

photo 1Here is me with our team…Bocces B Crazy.  Clever right?!  (The guys came up with that…)

After I wrapped up at the Bluegrass Festival, my cousin, aunt, and I headed to Columbia for a quick little girls’ trip.  Our aunt had been dying to escape the reality of motherhood and really needed a break from the pre-teen and toddler woes. Megan went to school in Columbia so she wanted to take us to her favorite sushi place.  Oh and did I mention Megan worked as an intern at a hotel while she was in school?  Hellloooo free hotel room.  I holla atcha.

photo 3

We hitched a ride with the hotel’s free (cha-ching!) shuttle and headed to Sakitumi.  I wasn’t very crazy about their sushi…probably because I’m used to eating flash-fried rolls.  However,  we did order some saki.  I’m not sure how you are used to drinking saki, but this is the biggest thing of saki I’ve ever seen…

photo 2That’s a carafe full of saki.  Wow.  After dinner, we headed to Tin Roof and ran into some friends from home.  I wasn’t even gone from home for a full 24 hours but it was a great little getaway.  One night is about all I need…I do tend to miss the hubby (I’m a total sap).

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)Okay, now it’s time to break the bad news to everyone…I have a half-marathon to run in 6 weeks!  Have I started training?  Ahhhh, nope.  Am I starting to get nervous?  Ahhhh, yep.  Can I still get my butt in gear and make it happen? I think so.  For some people, 6 weeks may be plenty of time.  But it isn’t for me. Between work, home life, family, and teaching spin, I typically only have time for 2 runs a week (when I actually stick with it), one of those being a long run. So it’s time for me to get down to business.  I have just kept telling myself “it’s okay, you ran two of these before…you can do it again.”  I also trained for the first 2. Duh.  I was really hoping the race I was supposed to run last week was going to give me my kick-start into training mode.  But we all saw how that turned out.  In any event, it’s time to get to work.  Have you ever had to train for a race in a short amount of time?  Help me tell myself I can do this.

Now…I’ve had my hot yoga, dose of Wal-Mart, and a plate of Matt-made nachos. Time for Boardwalk Empire…annnnd guess what else is back?  Eastbound & Down!!  Night made.






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Fall can only mean one thing…

Family, Food, and Football!

Thursday marked the beginning of college football season for many South Carolinians.  But Saturday marked the beginning for me.  There aren’t a lot of things that I feel true passion for…I’m not exactly passionate about my job or stuff that you really want to feel passionate about.  But I am passionate about Georgia football.  I’m passionate about the SEC period.  Seriously, it’s a scientific fact…the SEC is the best in the country 🙂

“Why do you cheer for Georgia?  You went to college at Carolina…why would you not root for them?”  Okay…first of all, I didn’t go to Carolina.  I went to the University of South Carolina IN AIKEN.  Our mascot was a Pacer, not a Gamecock.  Second of all, there are UGA graduates in my family and I was born this way.  It wasn’t a choice I made one day…it’s in my blood and has been since day 1.  My dad has a “Georgia Room.”  The entire thing is covered in UGA stuff.  The carpet is red for goodness sake.  Now that we are clear on that, I just wanted to show you how intense the obsession with red and black has been in my life…

photo (40)

I’ll buy you a cheeseburger if you can pick me out…

photo (35)

Rockin’ those reverse-matching red & black pocket tees (and some cute little photobombers in the back)

photo (34)

Matt is his sexiest when I can get him into some UGA gear 😉

photo (41)

21st birthday spent at the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party…” the Georgia v. Florida game. My family had this banner hanging from the front of the motorhome.

photo (36)

I had to throw this one in there. See, I am nice to Matt sometimes.

photo (39) photo (42) photo (37) photo (38)

Friday night, we hit up our usual Mexican place…Chunky and I were decked out in our red and black.  That’s usually what I do on Fridays during football season.


I woke up Saturday ready for war.

photo (19)

Unfortunately, my Dawgs didn’t pull off the W against the Clemson Tigers….got ’em by 3 points.  I actually wasn’t as mad about the loss as I thought I would be (the Mich Ultra helped).  Now next weekend is a whole different story.  The Georgia-Carolina rivalry is super intense and that is one game that generally no one can predict.  No matter how good or bad either teams have been playing, they both go in with some crazy mindset and end up looking like hot mess express all over the field.  Since they are playing in Athens, I’m hoping the at-home adrenaline will help the Dawgs pull it off.  We are going to Dusty and Tori’s to watch the game and all I can say is that I am requesting prayer.  Most people there will be Carolina fans.  Woosah, Logan…woosah.

Matt (the Tiger fan that he is) was really nice to me all night.  He never smarted-off or anything.  That is, until we woke up on Sunday.  I don’t know why he decided to give me hell the day after but he did.  (Oh, and big thanks to Presley and Ryne for having us over to watch the game.  Delicious eats and inappropriate conversations…as always!)

We actually just got home from Sumter.  Yesterday, we headed up there to spend some time with one of my best friends, his wife, and their little boy.

photo (1)


So, that’s what I’ve been up to all weekend.  We had such a great time.  Jax will be a year old in exactly one month!  We slept in the baby’s room.  He only woke up once early this morning so I found his paci and put him in the bed with us.  Whoops…baby fever is back.

Happy Labor Day, my friends!  Notice that I never mentioned working out in this post…you can read between the lines. Hope you have been able to take the day off and relax!!




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80s Night, Mini-Day Trip, & Slip-n-Slides

Well, let the weekend recap begin…

Friday: My day immediately got better when my cousin Lexi, her friend Sierra, and my buddy Gary all met me for lunch.

I wouldn't usually take lunch photos but the girls love to have a picture of absolutely everything.  I didn't mind :)

I wouldn’t usually take lunch photos but the girls love to have a picture of absolutely everything. I didn’t mind 🙂

Then it was time to prepare for 80s night…

photo (14)

Me and Dad.

Me and Dad.

The lighting in the joint kinda sucks so the pictures I have aren’t great.  But the bar owner took some with his camera and they will turn out better.  Just may take a month for him to post them online and for me to steal them…

Saturday: We got dressed and hit the road for Bamberg (about an hour and a half away from home).  Matt’s new job requires him to drive to Bamberg a couple times a week so he wanted to show me his route, and get a little more familiar with it himself.

"Here come the Men in Black..."

“Here come the Men in Black…”

photo (8) photoUnfortunately, the gallery was closed by the time we went by.  But we did hit up an awesome diner for lunch.

photo (9)

By awesome, I mean good ol’ country cookin’ awesome.  I walked in and was immediately turned off by the fact that it was buffet style.  But after some looking around, I thought, hell, why not.  So we dug right in.

photo (15)

I’m not going to say which number plate this was for me.  But this was the only plate that didn’t make me look like a complete food hoarder.

Then we went bowling.  I’m a member of our local Chamber’s Ambassador group so this was one of our outings…

photo[6]Mr. Serious and Mrs. Professional.  Right.  We had a great time though.

Sunday: It was definitely a Sunday Funday for this girl.  I woke up around 8:30 and decided to go for a quick run before it was time to get ready for church.  I would usually never  do that.  I cherish the time I have to lounge around in bed on the weekends.  But this Sunday, for whatever reason, I woke up and actually wanted to run.  I haven’t had that urge in quite some time.  I used to really enjoy running.  It all changed when I started racing.  I do enjoy the 5Ks and smaller races but once I had to train for a half-marathon, I began to really dislike running…period.  I enjoy the race aspect so much!  Too bad you can’t get there without the training.  I mean, I could.  But that would be a disaster and/or injury waiting to happen.  Training for races just feels like another “have to.” Another thing Logan has to add to her plate.  Another thing to stress Logan out if she doesn’t do it like she’s supposed to.  After the Savannah Rock n’ Roll half in November, I am donezo with racing for a while.  Like I said, I enjoy the race itself but I’m just over it.  I really like spinning and weight training a lot more. Plus, I don’t see changes in my body with running.  I do with everything else.  So why continue to push myself to do something I don’t enjoy?!  Is there something (fitness related or not) that you continue to push yourself to do, even when you don’t enjoy it?  Why do you still do it?  I just think I should enjoy my workouts.  And I really enjoyed the impromptu run I did yesterday morning.  I can’t wait to get back to the point where I run because I want to.

After a 2 mile run and church, we had a “cousin day.”  My cousin Gracie is about to leave for Lander University to start college so we all wanted to get together one last time.  Lander isn’t that far away but when you’re used to being within 5-10 minutes of your family members, it’s a long way.  I have to say how grateful I am for my cousins.  I’m the oldest of 16 grand kids and we all make a point to keep in touch and stay close.  We all piled in the car and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.

photo[1]2Megan was there too but she was behind the car trying to fix one of the third row seats.  Sorry I left you out of the pic, Megs.  I really don’t know how this came about but after lunch and some running around, we ended up doing this…

photo[1]I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.  Just good ol’ family fun.  My grandparents live across the street from the yard we were in so they came over and brought more dish soap.  Then some aunts and uncles showed up.  My grandparents called them just to tell them to come over and watch all of us act like fools.  I think we ranged in age from 11-25.  It was a blast.  Matt wasn’t there to join me but that’s because he was working on his golf game.  All in all, it was a great weekend spent with family.  Just wish I had another day to lay around and get some rest!!




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Weekend Recap

Manic Monday definitely hasn’t lived up to my expectations at all…it’s actually been a pretty smooth Monday so far (now watch, everything will fall apart).  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here’s my weekend recap in pictures…


The birthday boy definitely enjoyed himself…can’t you tell?!


Margarita love.


After Chunky’s birthday dinner, the boys wanted to go ride gocarts.  Welp, that doesn’t work well for girls wearing short dresses.  I mean, it’s not like we were letting it all hang out but come on, everyone at the track didn’t need to see my world.  So, the boys went their way and we went ours…for about an hour.  Then we all met back up and ended up going home a little after midnight.  Party animals right?!

Saturday morning, we hit the road to Macon…


Matt loves it when I take random pictures of us in the car.  I have a much better picture I would have liked to use of this moment but he was using an explicit hand gesture.  We finally arrived in Macon, GA and started to help my brother and sister-in-law pack up their lives for New Mexico…


Okay, while everyone else packed and lifted, I indulged in some delicious peach infused water.  Whatever, you fill in the blanks.

But seriously, I did a lot of lifting, walking, and jogging back and forth between cars on Saturday.  If I wasn’t going to get in a “real workout,” I was going to turn this whole moving ordeal into a workout.  PS.  My brother and his wife finally made it to my other brother’s place in Texas around midnight last night (or this morning?  not sure how that works).  They will be tackling the drive to New Mexico today.  They drove 15 hours yesterday!  And my dad and his wife will be flying the baby out there this weekend.

Yesterday, I taught spin and then we headed over to Matt’s dad’s house for yet another amazing Sunday meal…(oh, and PS. I upheld my weekend workout commitment!)


Here is yesterday’s playlist…


..this was for an hour long class.


Apparently, only my abdomen sweats…


As I got in the car after class, all I could think was “man, I could probably use another hour of that.”  I indulged in a lot of  junk food Saturday–I mean, we were on the road…perfect excuse for Wendy’s.

Then, it was time for dinner.  No need for me to explain how yummy this was…and how yummy it will be for lunch today.  However, I do feel compelled to tell you what a waste I think crawfish are (with regards to eating).  I mean all that work and looking at their creepy little faces, and you only get like a tiny sliver of meat.  Very misleading…


I also got to indulge in my sister-in-law’s Little Mermaid birthday cake.  She turned 19 Saturday.  You can laugh about the cake now 🙂  It was delish!  As for today, I’ll be teaching spin again tonight AND tomorrow night.  I’m on a roll…y’all have a good day!!

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Chicken & Waffles

If you live in the south and you’ve never had chicken and waffles (yes, together…as a meal), then you need to make plans to do so ASAP.  A few years ago, Matt and I went to Atlanta for a football game and before we travel, we like to do some research on cool places to eat in the city/town we are visiting…we especially like to visit the restaurants that Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) goes to for his crazy food challenges.  Anyway, Matt found a restaurant owned by Gladys Knight and Ron Winans called Chicken & Waffles.  After the game, we made our way toward the restaurant and indulged in what I seriously think is the best pairing of two random foods ever.



Since then, I am always talking about how I want chicken and waffles.  Well, last night, we made it happen.  I told Matt I was craving chicken and waffles and the genius that he is said “well, we can go get chicken at Wife Saver and get waffles from Waffle House.”  Pure genius.  By the time we actually decided to do this, it was almost 9:00 pm and I knew Wife Saver would be closing.  We pulled up at the drive-thru and their “Sorry, we are closed” automated message was playing.  So we just sat there.  Yes, like the message was going to change or something.  Well hot damn if it didn’t.  The heavens opened and this guy’s voice came over the intercom and asked what we would like to order.  Matt asked for chicken and the guy was like “well, we don’t have this kind of meat or this…” whatever, whatever.  Matt goes on to say that we’re desperate, and we will take whatever he’s got.  Yes, we told the man at Wife Saver we were desperate for chicken.

Then we called the Waffle House and ordered just one waffle.  When Matt went inside to pick it up, he said they all looked at him funny and one of the waitresses was like “well, I’ve had stranger requests.”  Asking for one waffle must be weird.  In any event, we made it home with our chicken wings and one waffle and it was slammin’.



This ain’t got nothing on Gladys and Ron’s but it totally satisfied my craving.

In other news, this has been a complete crap-shoot of a week with regards to workouts.  I taught Monday, went to my cousin’s birthday dinner Tuesday, and did absolutely nothing (but eat chicken & waffles) last night.  I don’t regret last night though.  I never go straight home after work.  Never.  When Matt got home from work yesterday, he asked what I was going to do that night.  When I said nothing, you shoulda seen the look on his face.  “No workout?  No going to see a friend  No work event?  Just me and you at home?”  That really opened my eyes.  I rarely make it home during the week before 8-8:30.  I should go straight home from work every now and then just so I can spend more time there.  Even if it is just to do laundry and eat chicken and waffles.  Working out is important but being at home is too.  So there’s that whole “balance” thing again…balancing life at work, the gym, and home can be tough.  So going forward, I’m going to make sure I go straight home from work at least once a week.  It was really relaxing.  Yes, I did feel some guilt because I was sitting on my butt doing nothing.  But when you’re 90-to-nothing all week every week, it’s okay to sit on your butt one night a week…am I right?

I won’t make it to the gym today either…I hate that because I’m starting to see a pattern in how unproductive workout-wise I have been all week.  There is a work event tonight so that means more meatballs and cheap wine for dinner.  But hey, being a business professional in this world is all about networking.  So that’s just part of the job!

Do you ever feel guilty for just sitting on your butt, even when you know you never do it?  I am still struggling today with the fact that I sat at home last night and ate chicken and waffles before bed.

Oh, here’s a pic from Lexi’s birthday dinner…she’s such a diva (and check out Matt’s good fake smile–he loves pictures).  Hope y’all have a great Thursday…it’s almost Friday, whoop!!



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Running Shoe Advice (and farewell to Crossfit!)

Today is my Friday, folks, and I couldn’t be more pumped.  Tomorrow morning, the hubs and I are packing up and heading to the beach for a long weekend with a friend.  I have learned to absolutely love weekend trips that aren’t too far from home. I have decided to pack up the ol’ running shoes so I can try to convince myself to at least run once while I’m gone.  A Saturday morning run on the beach wouldn’t let me feel like complete crap about not working out all weekend…right?!

Speaking of running shoes, how do you know when it is time to invest in a new pair?  Obviously, if they are worn out physically, then you know.  But the pair of Brooks Adrenaline that I have still look like they’re in good shape. I’ve trained for and ran two half-marathons in them.  I feel like that’s a lot of miles on a pair of shoes.  Plus, I’ll just say it, I’m dying for any excuse to buy a new pair.  I got the itch.  Before the Brooks, I had the Saucony Kinvara, which I absolutely loved.  Those actually have holes in them now.  The hard thing for me is that I like the arch support Brooks provides with the lightness of the Sauconys. Decisions, decisions…what do you think?

I took my last crossfit class last night with Presley (I had a Groupon…another addiction).  I really enjoyed the five classes I took altogether. I learned what I needed to improve on, where my body is weak, and where my body is strong.  That’s what I love about crossfit…it makes you feel strong. I can easily see how people get hooked.  I stole this pic from Presley…I am pretty sure this was from the moment I walked in the door after finishing our WOD (4X400 m run).  I think the sheer anguish on my face says it all…

crossfitI took my phone out with me on those sprints so I could listen to some jams.  The song that came on during the last 400 meters was Jay-Z & Linkin Park’s Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer.  Like I’ve already said, that album is my jam.  I also learned how to dead lift last night.  I started with 20 lbs and then moved up to 40 lbs.  Now I just want to get stronger and do more, hence, the crossfit addiction.  If only it wasn’t so pricey…!!

Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday!!  I’ll try to check-in over the weekend but no promises…I’m going to try to disconnect myself from the social media world for at least 2 full days (with the exception of Instagram…I love pictures too much).  And don’t forget, I need your advice about running shoes please!!


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