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Gym Bag Tragedy.

I am usually super prepared when it comes to after work gym activities.  I pack a gym bag daily, even if I know I most likely won’t be able to make it.  Yesterday, I was scheduled to teach a Ripped Ride class at 6:30.  The owner of the gym sent me a text asking if I could also teach the 30 minute Spin class at 6.  I said sure, I definitely need the extra time on the bike, especially considering all the eating that is about to commence.  I went to change in the bathroom at work and dun dun dun!–NO PANTS.  I literally said out loud, “You gotta be shitting me.”  This would have been fine if I didn’t have to be at the gym until 6:30.  Considering it takes almost 50 minutes for me to get from work to the gym, I didn’t have time to go through town and grab pants from the house.  So, I did what every girl on a budget does and went to good ol’ TJ Maxx.  It’s right across from the office and it was a perfect excuse to buy new workout pants. Is there anything you seem to leave out of your gym bag often?  This isn’t the only time I’ve forgotten pants…

Okay, pants dilemma = solved.  Should have been smooth-sailing from there. Nope.  Not for me.  OF COURSE, I got stopped by a train.  It’s 5:41 and I have to be at the gym at 6:00.  Train was gone by 5:48.  I busted it and made it to the gym in 7 minutes.  I just hate it when that happens because I don’t want our clients to think I’m slack.  In any event, we had an awesome jam-up 30 minute class:

photo 3I had so much fun with Feel Again by OneRepublic.   I’m telling ya, you hear a great song, just Shazam it.  Then I don’t have to think so hard when I’m trying to remember the awesome song I heard on the radio and/or TV the other day. You’re welcome 🙂

Ripped Ride was next…I used some of the same songs as the first class but didn’t have any of the same clients.

photo 1

Va Va Voom was used with the resistance bands.

photo 2

Take Me Home Tonight, Bad Romance, and Get Lucky were also used with resistance bands on the bike.

Matt-made chili and a Full House marathon were just what I needed to end the night.  Tonight, we are eating with my Mom.  Tomorrow, we will be eating at my uncle’s for lunch and then Matt’s dad’s for dinner.  My dad and stepmom actually drove to Texas to see my youngest brother and his wife.  And I think Matt’s mom went camping…?  Anyway, I’m ready to eat and spend time with the fam. Hope y’all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

photo 4



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Time to Regroup & Refocus.

It’s almost that time of the week…half way there.  I am super pumped for this weekend.  Not only am I running my first race since my last half-marathon in February, but we are headed to Athens to see the Bulldogs play.  Basically, that means I have to run a quick 5K and get my butt home and in the shower ASAP…it’s a 12:30 game!  But that’s alright…we will make it in time to tailgate for an hour or so and then we can hit downtown Athens after the game.  This game is a way for us to celebrate a friend’s birthday…so I can’t wait for Saturday.

Since this is my first race in 7 months, you can guess what I haven’t been doing…if you guessed running, I’m buying you a cheeseburger.  The last time I hit the pavement was about a month ago.  So yeah, this oughta be an interesting race.  I did come home from work today and decided I would get at least 3 miles in to make sure I wouldn’t actually die on Saturday.  I made 3.17 miles.  But I won’t tell you my time.  

photo (33)

It wasn’t terrible but definitely not what I’m used to.  I have a feeling, though, that I’ll get my butt in gear on Saturday.  Races always push you a little harder.  

Speaking of races, it really is time to get my butt in gear.  I have a 5K this weekend, the Pretty Muddy Mud Run in October, and then a half-marathon in November.  Yep…it’s time to start training…I’m totally behind.  I guess I keep thinking that since I’ve done it twice before, I can do it again.  But what I’ve found out about running is once you stop, or slow down, it’s hard as HELL to get yourself back together.  I really hope the 5K this weekend will give me the motivation to start getting some long runs in.  Otherwise, the Savannah half is going to be a comical disaster…

Last night I taught Spin30…here’s my playlist and what I looked like aftewards:

photo (4)photo (51)Not that you necessarily care what I looked like afterwards…I just have a thing about pictures.  And I wanted to prove that I sweat like an overweight football player.

By the way, I have started posting updates to my Spinning page on the blog so check it out from time to time for playlists and routines.  I’ll leave you with this flattering photo…this is how I decided to relax after work, running, and dinner. A little homemade wine while sitting in the bed ain’t never hurt nobody 😉

photo (34)How did you relax tonight?  And if you didn’t, make a date for yourself this week!




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A Time for Anniversaries.

“Don’t let evil conquer you, but conquer evil by doing good.”  Romans 12:21

Before I can even begin to talk about myself, I have to recognize the obvious anniversary of 9/11 that we remember today.  I found a quote on one of my favorite Facebook pages this morning and I couldn’t say it any better myself… “As we pause today to remember those who lost their lives on 9/11, let’s commit to honoring their courage and sacrifice by doing all we can to make this world a better place.”

I remember my grandparents saying stuff like “I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing the day JFK was killed.”  Never in a million years did I think I would have a moment like that myself.  And it still isn’t over.

On a much lighter note, Matt and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary yesterday!

photo (50) photo (48)Remember what I always say…any reason to show off wedding pics is a good reason 😉  It’s hard to believe it has been 2 years since we tied the knot.  I feel like we’ve been together forever anyway…it’s just been legal for 2 years.  Matt and I met in 2001 so we have basically grown up together.  We celebrated BIG (kidding) by going to get Japanese for dinner. A full belly and two glasses of wine put this girl to sleep by 10 pm.  Seriously, 10 pm.  We are in our 20s.  What’s wrong with us?!  In any event, it was the perfect way for us to celebrate our day. And since we were all alone yesterday, this is the best picture I got of this dashing couple…

photo (47)I promise, better pictures will come.  I started this thing last year where we take a picture each year on (or around) our anniversary with either the date or the year.  These pics will be in their own special album that way we can reflect on the gazillion years we will inevitably spend together.  Thanks Pinterest 😉

And no!  I didn’t work out on our anniversary.  I mean duh…it’s basically like having another birthday.  Who does that…but I did promise my playlist from Monday night’s Spin30 class and here it is:

photo (3)I really will get around to posting routines to all these playlists I post.  Sorry, life gets in the way.  Tonight is very special for our family because we get to watch our first family member ever play a college sport!  My cousin Gracie attends Lander and plays volleyball.  She’s awesome.  Can’t wait to see her play!

Hope y’all have a happy hump day 🙂  Do you have any family members that play college sports?




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Quick update!

Hey guys!  I just wanted to throw out a quick update…it’s been a crazy week at work.  The consequences of getting a day off…right?!  But hey, totally worth it.

photo (2)

I taught a 30 minutes spin class Tuesday night and then hung around for an hour of Ripped Ride…I really needed that hour and a half of cardio after a long weekend filled with tailgating food, and they were both fun classes.

photo (44)Yesterday morning was so crazy that all I found for breakfast was a sugar cookie…of course I was starving all morning.  Thank goodness for my new batch of munchies for my “at-the-desk” snacks!  And yes, I keep 3 lb. dumbbells under my desk…ya just never know.

photo (46)Not crazy about the yogurt pretzels…they look better than they taste.  But I am completely obsessed with okra chips now.  Think I’ll try the green bean chips next!  Have you ever tried them?

photo (45)

My youngest brother and new sister-in-law.

They tied the knot yesterday in Tahoe, California.  My dad and stepmom are there.  I hated we couldn’t make the trip but dad was great about sending videos and pictures all day.

photo (43)Annnndddd this was the aftermath of 5:30 am Body Pump this morning!  I know what you’re thinking…dannnng she a dime!  But in all seriousness, I had a hard time in class.  #1–I was tired.  #2–I drank beer and split jalapeno poppers and a club sandwich with Matt last night.  #3–All I could think about was an appointment I had today at 9:30 and I couldn’t remember where or what for…I basically obsessed about it the entire hour.

I left thinking “was that even worth it?”  But I know it was.  At least somewhat.  My body will tell me later and I do feel more energized today.  I also knew I wouldn’t get a workout in tonight because we have dinner plans (ahh, the struggle…workout, food, workout, food).  So I plan to be at RPM tomorrow morning.  I say that…I need to remember that while we are at Mexican tonight.  NO MARGARITAS!!  🙂

Hope y’all are having an awesome Thursday!!


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What I’ve learned so far…

Before I get to the point of this post, I want to share my playlist from yesterday’s Ripped Ride class…

photo (1) photo (31)I’ll post the specifics for each song later…we had a great class!

So, I have been blogging since July 2nd…almost at the two month mark.  It seems like much longer already!  But I wanted to reflect on a few things I have learned and noticed over the last two months.  It’s a short list but I think it will be interesting to see how it grows in the future…

  1. People like pictures.  Okay, like pictures.  A lot.  One thing I can’t stand is to read a lengthy post with no pictures.  I’m like a child…didn’t you want to read all the books with pictures when you were little?  I don’t think that changes much as we get older.  I don’t care if it’s a picture of the sky.  Or a selfie.  (We all know you take selfies in the car…)
  2. People like food.  This is one area that I need to work on…but hey, I never said my blog would be about eating healthy or recipes.  I. Don’t. Cook.  I’m like the wife from Talladega Nights, except I’m not as rich, hot, or bitchy.  People love recipes and seeing pictures of food.  I do have a folder in my email where I save most of your posts with good recipes (by good, I mean those that my husband and I would consider eating).  In the back of my mind, though, I know I may not ever refer to them.  Not because I don’t like them or appreciate the effort you put in to sharing them…but because i. don’t. cook.  One day…one day…
  3. People like real.  It is obviously hard to get to know someone via blog posts…so don’t make it all about the fitness or all about the diet.  I want to get to know you outside of all that.  Maybe I’m just creepy.  We all have an intended focus for our blogs but it’s okay to sometimes go outside of that realm.  The only thing that I am keeping off limits with my blog is my marriage.  It could be the best relationship in the world but you won’t read much about it.  That’s just something I don’t feel should be shared with a bunch of strangers, even if I feel like I know some of you.  Some people say wayyyy too much via social media about their spouse and marriage and it causes problems.  I’m sorry, good or bad, sharing it with the world via social media includes very fine boundaries.  Now, what I do like are success stories.  Those can be inspiring.  So, your marriage fell off track and you fixed it? Great, you may help others that are in your previous position.  Pissed off at your spouse and want to bad-mouth them? Keep that off the internet.  It’s called respect.  If you’re doing it in a joking manner, that’s one thing.  But I think you guys know what I’m talking about.  No one likes a Debbie Downer, a Negative Nancy, a Fun Sucker…okay, I’ll stop.

Like I said, it’s a short list.  And this is just what I’ve noticed over the last two months that like (and dislike) about blogging…you may completely disagree and that’s fine.  Please tell me about it, whether you agree or not! (Seriously though, just give me pictures.  I’m like a child…why do you think I’m addicted to Instagram and not Facebook?  Pictures, people, pictures! :)) Happy Hump Hump Hump Day!!


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Honey Waffle.

I knew that title would grab your attention.  Yesterday, on my way to teach spin, I ate one of these for the first time…

honeyOh my goodness, did I love this or what?!  It was delicious!  This was the only flavor available at the store so I just bought one to try it out, but I’ll definitely be buying more.

Last night’s class was half spin and half TRX, so I only taught a 30 minute class. Here’s the playlist I used from an intense, quick warm-up to cool-down.  The very last song was just used as background noise as everyone was gearing up for TRX.  I like to do that with each playlist…I always have a song I play while everyone is getting set-up on the bikes and then I have an “extra” cool-down song at the end while everyone is leaving.  Basically, I just hate silence.


Here’s a look at my view from the bike…this is only half of the room because I found out yesterday that I suck at taking panorama shots on my phone.

spinI also saw this new sign in the changing room at the gym and it put a big smile on my face before class…

scremWe had a fun class yesterday.  I’m looking forward to teaching Ripped Ride today.  Might even play that Wretches & Kings song by Linkin Park again…I’m hooked!  Be sure to check out the following pages for playlist ideas…I am trying to update them as often as possible.  I have so much music to go through!!




I thought about adding warm-up and cool-down music pages as well.  I hope these are helpful with your class planning! In all honesty, no matter what kind of workout you do, you can use this music.  I think they are all motivational, get-your-butt-in-gear kind of songs!



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Sunday Funday.

Sunday was definitely a fun day.  But before we go there, here is a recap of Saturday night’s shenanigans…

meg fly

If you recall, I mentioned we were going to meet up with my dad and stepmom for a bit Saturday evening and then head to Dusty and Tori’s house.  My cousin noticed a few buggies flying in the house from people coming in and out, so of course, Megan finds a fly swatter and gets busy.

me and meg

Me, Megan, and Tori

Me, Megan, and Tori

We had a great time.  Thanks to Tori and Dusty for having us, providing food, and I suppose I can mention the jello shots…

Sunday morning, I woke up and ate my breakfast…

foodI must explain how clever I am.  Saturday morning, Matt and I were hungry so we got biscuits for breakfast.  I decided I would cut my chicken biscuit in half and save some hash browns because I knew I would want it on Sunday morning. Fabulous idea, if I do say so myself.

Since Megan’s birthday is this Wednesday and she will be on a CRUISE (without me!), we decided to have brunch yesterday with a group of friends to celebrate.  I mean, we kinda celebrated all weekend but this was the “official” deal. Since we sat outside downtown, Megan brought her new puppy to hang out with us…

me and nugHe doesn’t have a name yet.  I keep calling him Puppy Nugget.  Don’t ask why.  There is never a reasonable explanation for my quirky ways.  Matt played golf while we went to brunch so we met back up at his dad’s for dinner last night. Then I unfortunately had to see that ridiculous performance by Miley Cyrus…I was and still am embarrassed for America.  Be crazy, have fun, but be respectable.

So, as you can conclude for yourselves, I did not work out at all this weekend!  I just enjoyed some fun times and lived it up.  I’m sure you’ve noticed but I love to have a good time.  Can’t blame me for that…we only live once.  I’m 25, done with school, and child free (for now).  We  better enjoy times like these while we can! I am really enjoying this time alone with Matt.  Throughout our entire relationship. one or both of us has been in school.  Now that we are done, we are finally enjoying being a married couple with no responsibilities (except for the bills, of course).  I truly look forward to the day we become parents but for now, I just want to be US.  Thank God I have friends with kids and a niece and nephew of my own…they help take care of my baby fix and I love being a part of their lives!!  🙂

I’m off to tackle this Monday.  I will be teaching spin tonight and Ripped Ride tomorrow, so playlists are coming soon! Have a great day!


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