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Van Gogh & Vino + Weekend Recap

Yes, I do realize it’s Wednesday and that the weekend recap is coming a little late.  Oh well…that’s life sometimes.  In any event, we had an AWESOME weekend.  Friday night, Megan and I went to Van Gogh & Vino.  Van Gogh & Vino is a painting studio for all ages and skill levels.  They offer painting classes and private parties for any occasion.  You get to paint and socialize in a relaxed setting as they teach step-by-step artist instructed classes.  That being said, check out how awesome this experience was:


This was waiting on me when I got there.


Bring your own wine means I bring on the classy.


Everyone gets to write their name on their apron.


And voila! Check out these masterpieces.

Everyone in the class paints the same scene.  You can of course paint yours the way you like but since I was a virgin at this, I followed the instructor step-by-step.  My masterpiece is now placed in the living room as a Christmas decoration.  I might put it on eBay after the holidays…starting bid at $450,000. Whatcha think?!

But seriously, if there is something like this in your area, DO IT.  I can barely draw a smiley face–but check out what I did here.  You really can follow directions and come up with something not so terrible.

Saturday morning, I taught Ripped Ride and ate some lunch with Matt at the house afterwards.  Then we got ready for our first annual Friendsgiving at Presley’s house.  We had a really fun time, as always.


We ate, drank, and then the girls tried to escape and make it a girls’ night.  We were home within an hour.  Can we say old?  It’s actually really depressing.  But I know for me, I’m not good with spur of the moment plans.  If I’m going out, I plan for it like all week long.  Is that insane?  I guess I have to put myself in that frame of mind.

Sunday, we were completely lazy and it was awesome.  We got our Christmas decorations up and bought our cat children a new play thing.  It seriously made my day.  I know, it doesn’t take much.  But the best part of the weekend was just the fact that it wasn’t so fast-paced like the usual weekends.  I need to make sure I don’t try to cram so much into a 2-day time period.  I end up getting stressed and not giving myself any down-time.

Last night, I taught Ripped Ride and guess what?  I remembered my pants! Success.  Instead of posting my playlists from this weekend here, I have updated my other pages.  Check ’em out.

Well, happidy humpidy.  We shall chat soon!!



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3-Day Weekend Recap + Picture Fail.

I was about to say “Happy Monday” until I realized it’s Tuesday.  It is my Monday–one great thing about the banking industry is federally reserved holidays.  I has a massage for breakfast yesterday, Rhinehart’s for lunch, and a pedicure for dinner.  All out pamper fest.  I don’t know what got into me.  I had a certificate for the massage.  And I really just wanted to enjoy the extra day off exactly how wanted to.

This weekend wasn’t exceptionally thrilling but there were a few exciting moments.  Friday night, we ended up at Chili’s with our friends, Bess & Chunky. Saturday morning, I got ready for a sweet girl’s 1st birthday party.  Her cake was super cute!

photo (62)And no, surprisingly I did not indulge in cake OR cupcakes.  Wasn’t in the mood. Which actually troubles me. Anyway, I left the party a little early so I could meet up with Allison.  We went to Columbia to meet Presley and Aubrie for a girls’ night.  We were all actually supposed to be in Atlanta this weekend to run the Pretty Muddy Mud Run but for whatever reason, the race was cancelled.  So we opted for a night out in Columbia instead.  I’m usually really good at making sure we get group photos.  That being said, this is the only picture I have from Saturday night…

photo (63)Thrilling.   I know.  I think one of the girls was trying to get in some good stretching before the night kicked off 😉  I have absolutely no work outs to tell you about becaaaause there haven’t been any.  I do plan on doing some things around the house after work today and then going for a “long run.”  We will see how long that run goes.  The right ball of my foot is really hurting me today.  It’s been bothering me for about 2 years now.  I’m sure if I went to an orthopedist, he would tell me to quit wearing heels.  I’m sorry but I find it pretty difficult to be a woman in the business/professional world and not wear heels–and I’m a girlie girl at that.  I wear heels almost every day during the work week.  But anyway, my foot has been bothering me more than normal lately.

So yeah, that was my exciting 3-day weekend recap.  Have you ever had a problem with a constant, nagging pain in the ball of your foot?  I’m hoping that running isn’t making it worse…



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Dancing with the Stars…

Friday is once again upon us.  And much to my delight, it’s a 3-day weekend for this girl!  I’ve already got a massage booked for Monday morning…I’m going to take full advantage of my extra day off.  So, here’s a fun Friday fact about Logan…I am participating in Dancing with the Aiken Stars this year.  It’s our town’s version of the obvious.  I was asked to participate in a group number and jumped on the opportunity.  I danced (ballet, tap, jazz, pointe) from the time I was 3 until about 21.  It has been a looooong time since I’ve been on stage so a little wine and possibly a mild tranquilizer will be necessary for pre-show prep. But hey, it’s all in fun and for a great cause…all of the proceeds from the night will be donated to the local Child Advocacy Center.  They really do so much for the lost and impoverished children in our community.

You will hear me talk about dance practice a lot in the future.  Six weeks to go and I wish I could say we are polishing the routine now, but nah.  Not yet.  We had practice last night at 8 pm.  Since I work in Aiken and practice was in Aiken, but I live 30 minutes away, I decided to work a little late, run 3 miles, and drink a couple beers with the dance crew before practice.  Hey, it helps us get a little more outgoing during practice…don’t judge me.  I didn’t get home until 10–I should seriously consider sleeping at the office and saving gas.

Tomorrow, I have a sweet little girl’s birthday party to attend and then I’m heading to Columbia with the girls.  So that means tonight is all about some QT with the hubby.  We’ll probably go to a nice restaurant and for a stroll downtown. Maybe even grab some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and buy some flowers for the house.  OR I’ll just be honest and tell you that we will probably eat Mexican food, he will play Playstation, and I’ll watch the Miley Movement again and drink box wine (by the way, watch it if you haven’t…new respect for this girl–she can twerk all day if she wants in my book).

Y’all make this Friday awesome!!  And married people, or even dating people, what is a typical date like with your significant other?  And don’t fluff…we all know the truth 😉

photo (61)


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So yeah, maybe I should start running…

Before we get started, I wanted to show you what one looks like after hot yoga

photo (35)


I know, I know…hot right?  Hot as in temperature hot.  I got home from Columbia around 1:30 today and decided since my hubby was going golfing, I was going to hot yoga.  I am so glad I did.  It was just what I needed to wind down a great weekend.  (By the way, if you want your hair to look this good, don’t brush it for about 24 hours…works wonders.)

So I mentioned that I went to Columbia…well before that, I played in a bocce ball tournament yesterday at the Aiken Mini Bluegrass Festival. I had definitely never played bocce ball before yesterday.  So yeah, we were totally in it to win it.  I played as a member of our Young Professionals group–and money from the tournament went to a good cause (United Way), so I didn’t mind getting roped into this.

photo 1Here is me with our team…Bocces B Crazy.  Clever right?!  (The guys came up with that…)

After I wrapped up at the Bluegrass Festival, my cousin, aunt, and I headed to Columbia for a quick little girls’ trip.  Our aunt had been dying to escape the reality of motherhood and really needed a break from the pre-teen and toddler woes. Megan went to school in Columbia so she wanted to take us to her favorite sushi place.  Oh and did I mention Megan worked as an intern at a hotel while she was in school?  Hellloooo free hotel room.  I holla atcha.

photo 3

We hitched a ride with the hotel’s free (cha-ching!) shuttle and headed to Sakitumi.  I wasn’t very crazy about their sushi…probably because I’m used to eating flash-fried rolls.  However,  we did order some saki.  I’m not sure how you are used to drinking saki, but this is the biggest thing of saki I’ve ever seen…

photo 2That’s a carafe full of saki.  Wow.  After dinner, we headed to Tin Roof and ran into some friends from home.  I wasn’t even gone from home for a full 24 hours but it was a great little getaway.  One night is about all I need…I do tend to miss the hubby (I’m a total sap).

photo 1 (2) photo 2 (1)Okay, now it’s time to break the bad news to everyone…I have a half-marathon to run in 6 weeks!  Have I started training?  Ahhhh, nope.  Am I starting to get nervous?  Ahhhh, yep.  Can I still get my butt in gear and make it happen? I think so.  For some people, 6 weeks may be plenty of time.  But it isn’t for me. Between work, home life, family, and teaching spin, I typically only have time for 2 runs a week (when I actually stick with it), one of those being a long run. So it’s time for me to get down to business.  I have just kept telling myself “it’s okay, you ran two of these before…you can do it again.”  I also trained for the first 2. Duh.  I was really hoping the race I was supposed to run last week was going to give me my kick-start into training mode.  But we all saw how that turned out.  In any event, it’s time to get to work.  Have you ever had to train for a race in a short amount of time?  Help me tell myself I can do this.

Now…I’ve had my hot yoga, dose of Wal-Mart, and a plate of Matt-made nachos. Time for Boardwalk Empire…annnnd guess what else is back?  Eastbound & Down!!  Night made.





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Weekend Recap

Manic Monday definitely hasn’t lived up to my expectations at all…it’s actually been a pretty smooth Monday so far (now watch, everything will fall apart).  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here’s my weekend recap in pictures…


The birthday boy definitely enjoyed himself…can’t you tell?!


Margarita love.


After Chunky’s birthday dinner, the boys wanted to go ride gocarts.  Welp, that doesn’t work well for girls wearing short dresses.  I mean, it’s not like we were letting it all hang out but come on, everyone at the track didn’t need to see my world.  So, the boys went their way and we went ours…for about an hour.  Then we all met back up and ended up going home a little after midnight.  Party animals right?!

Saturday morning, we hit the road to Macon…


Matt loves it when I take random pictures of us in the car.  I have a much better picture I would have liked to use of this moment but he was using an explicit hand gesture.  We finally arrived in Macon, GA and started to help my brother and sister-in-law pack up their lives for New Mexico…


Okay, while everyone else packed and lifted, I indulged in some delicious peach infused water.  Whatever, you fill in the blanks.

But seriously, I did a lot of lifting, walking, and jogging back and forth between cars on Saturday.  If I wasn’t going to get in a “real workout,” I was going to turn this whole moving ordeal into a workout.  PS.  My brother and his wife finally made it to my other brother’s place in Texas around midnight last night (or this morning?  not sure how that works).  They will be tackling the drive to New Mexico today.  They drove 15 hours yesterday!  And my dad and his wife will be flying the baby out there this weekend.

Yesterday, I taught spin and then we headed over to Matt’s dad’s house for yet another amazing Sunday meal…(oh, and PS. I upheld my weekend workout commitment!)


Here is yesterday’s playlist…


..this was for an hour long class.


Apparently, only my abdomen sweats…


As I got in the car after class, all I could think was “man, I could probably use another hour of that.”  I indulged in a lot of  junk food Saturday–I mean, we were on the road…perfect excuse for Wendy’s.

Then, it was time for dinner.  No need for me to explain how yummy this was…and how yummy it will be for lunch today.  However, I do feel compelled to tell you what a waste I think crawfish are (with regards to eating).  I mean all that work and looking at their creepy little faces, and you only get like a tiny sliver of meat.  Very misleading…


I also got to indulge in my sister-in-law’s Little Mermaid birthday cake.  She turned 19 Saturday.  You can laugh about the cake now 🙂  It was delish!  As for today, I’ll be teaching spin again tonight AND tomorrow night.  I’m on a roll…y’all have a good day!!

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Weekend Workouts = Non-Existent

Weekend workouts have become non-existent for me.  I feel like I bust it all week and then once the weekends roll around, it’s an all out veg fest minus the workouts.  Kinda counteracts all the hard work I did during the week, right?  It’s not that I don’t want to workout…it’s that I don’t want to blow off other fun things that include friends or family to go workout.  Yes, I could go first thing Saturday morning, but who wants to get up early if they don’t have to on a Saturday after getting up early all week?  I don’t have kids…I should sleep in while I still can.  And then Sundays…I like to get up and go to church.  So I’ve already showered and gotten ready for the day.  Why would I go get all sweaty, and then have to shower again for Sunday dinner at the in-laws?!  These are the things I tell myself in order to justify my lack of weekend workouts.

These aren’t good excuses…I know.  Just about every week, I skip workouts on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.  That doesn’t mean I always workout the other 4 days a week.  I almost always workout at least 3 days a week.  The other 4 are a gamble.  So is that good or bad?  I guess the answer to that is up to me and if I’m happy with my progress.  That being said, the answer to that question is BAD.  So here goes it…I am going to start scheduling at least one workout a weekend going forward.  Whether it is a 30 minute run around the neighborhood or a spin class on a Sunday afternoon…I’m going to do it (unless of course I’m out of town or ya know, stuff comes up).  I’m saying it publicly so I can be held accountable by all of you 🙂  Does anyone else have “the weekend workout blues” like I do?  What have you done or are you going to do about it?

Now, onto the fun stuff that happened this weekend…I told you on Friday that we were having a girls’ night, and that we did.  Tori and Aubrie didn’t make it but 3 fun blondes and an even “funner” brunette did.  We had a blast.

photo (10)

I really like margaritas.

photo (12)

I know we look like trouble…we might be.

Then, we were off to Beth and Nathan’s gender reveal party yesterday!  You can tell what I thought the answer was going to be…

photo (11)

Andddd, I was right!!  They are having another sweet baby girl.  I’m ecstatic.

photo (13)

Too bad I didn’t catch the balloons but Beth’s face is priceless…

photo (14)

I couldn’t be happier for them.  Today, we lounged around and headed to lunch with Matt’s mom at Longhorn.  For some reason, we have Longhorn’s gift cards out the yazoo.  I’m not complaining…then we headed off to the flea market for whatever reason.  The flea market has changed quite a bit since the last time I went but I did find this bath resurfacing place and saw this cool old sink…

photo (15)

That was the most interesting thing I saw on our adventure in 90 degree heat.  Now we are off to eat yet again.  This time at Matt’s dad’s house.  His step-mom is a mean cook…good southern cookin’.  Yes, I’m still full from lunch.  But I’ll find a way to get a few bites in.  OH!  I almost forgot about True Blood.  I know one thing, I might have to sell an organ before I give up HBO.  Dramatic, yes.  Also very serious.  I hope y’all had a good weekend!!

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Weight…numbers suck.

Happy Friday party people.  I don’t have a ton to update you on about my life.  I know I said “farewell to crossfit” last week, but I totally lied.  Presley really wanted me to go with her one last (yeah right) time on Wednesday so I totally caved.  It’s really hard to turn crossfit down.  I would be 100% addicted if I didn’t have to sell a kidney to pay for it.  Anyway, I went to a Young Professionals event last night with coworkers so that meant I drank too much cheap wine and ate meatballs and cheese for dinner.  Then I went home and my cousin Megan came over to drink more of my own cheap wine with me.  Great night but definitely a little tired today.  Moving on…

I have been thinking a lot about numbers lately.  And how ridiculous it is to base your fat/skinny/fit on those numbers.  I weigh more now than I ever have.  I’m 5’4 and weight 145 lbs.  Every time I go to the doctor, I check out the BMI chart and I’m totally overweight for my height.  But I don’t think I look overweight.  I mean, I do got a donk.  Some might say I’m a little thicky thick.  But I hear people talk about their weight or someone else’s and it’s all “omg, 150 lbs?  what a fatty!”  And it’s totally not true.  Muscle weighs a hell of a lot and I would rather weigh more because of muscle than focus on weighing less and losing muscle mass.

Megan and I were talking about numbers last night and it compelled me to write this post.  I lost 15 lbs during my wedding planning season 2 years ago and got down to about 125.  That was a little too skinny for me.  And people noticed.  As stupid as it sounds, people (especially Matt) would say “Logan, you’ve lost your ass.  Put some weight back on.”  But as most of you married girls out there know, you go crazy about weight loss during wedding season.  And so I did…I might have put more weight back on than I intended simply because I wasn’t feeling all the pressure anymore, but I’m okay with that.  I would rather tone-up and muscle-up than lose the weight on the scale.  Does that make sense?  I guess what my jibberish is saying is don’t assume what the scale says means you’re skinny/fat/fit.  You could be too skinny.  Gasp…I know.  Or you may be a little heavier than you like.  Whatever it is, don’t judge your fitness level completely by what the scale says.  And don’t judge someone else either.  When I tell other people what I weigh, they freak.  I take it as a compliment but then I also realize “okay Logan, you aren’t as big as you think you might be.”  Or I tell myself that I wear 145-150 well.  I sound like I’m preaching…the suggestion I’m giving you is just as hard for me to act on as well.  I guess my main point is that fitness isn’t all in the numbers.  So don’t give yourself such a hard time because a number is higher than you want it to be.  Muscle is sexy!!  And remember, it weighs more.

So, what y’all got planned this weekend?  I have a busy one ahead so you probably won’t hear back from me until Sunday.  The girls are going out tonight and since I don’t really have any workout or food pics to post, I’ll introduce you to a few of my closest friends:

You know Presley and Allison by now.

p and a

Megan (on the right) is my cousin sister and this is our friend Tori.

me and to

And this is Aubrie.


Things might get a little out of hand when all of us are around but I can tell you one thing, we are a hell of a lotta fun.  I’m sure I’ll be blowing my Instagram feed up tonight with all the greatness 🙂  Tomorrow, I’m headed to Columbia to do makeup for a bridal party (I also sell Mary Kay–‘notha story for ‘notha day) and then it’s off to my friend Beth’s gender reveal party!!  I’m so excited.  I think it’s another girl.  I’ll be sure to let you all know.  Do you have any cool gender reveal methods/stories?  They are doing cake.  I really hope to get a workout in Sunday since tomorrow will be a full day!

I hope everyone has a great weekend…be good or be good at it!!


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