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I’m practically a star now…

Dancing With the Aiken Stars was last night!!  You guys have heard me talk about it for months now.  We finally performed last night and get this…WE WON!  Okay, we didn’t win the whole shebang which is based on the number of votes you get, but we did win Judge’s Choice which I think is kinda better…simply because they are basing their judgment on performance.  The votes have been coming in for months now so they weren’t only based on performance. Anyway, I felt like a total diva last night.  I failed miserably at taking pictures but I was just so pumped up and freaking out at the same time, that I didn’t even worry with a camera.  I did take this post- performance awesome selfie with Megan in the dressing room (aka locker room).

photo (3)Megan and her sister, along with my parents and Matt, came out to show some love.  My coworkers also made giant neon colored signs and were a phenomenal support group.  There were actually 3 of us from the same company participating last night so we had a lot of people come out to see us.

As much as I bitched and complained about this experience–the money spent, the time consuming aspect–I would do it all over again.  Not only did we help raise money for a wonderful cause, we freakin’ rocked.  I got to know some of my colleagues in such a different way and we enjoyed spending time together. I’m actually going to miss that.  Now that dance practice won’t be consuming my evenings, I’m ready to get back in the spin & weight training game.  I am teaching spin this Sunday and I’m really looking forward to it.

Tomorrow, we are headed to Athens to watch the Dawgs play.  It’s a 7 pm game…Lord help me.  We might freeze and teaching spin after a night like we will have tomorrow maaaaay not be the brightest idea I’ve ever had.  But it will happen. Well, I’m off to munch on work-Thanksgiving leftovers.  There is basically no reason for me to worry about eating right at this point.  I look forward to this kind of eating all year long!




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It’s the weekend baby! & time to race…

It’s Friday…it’s payday…and it’s the day before race day…

I told y’all that I ran on Tuesday…I have been sore ever since!  Muscles that haven’t been activated in quite some time have been screaming at me for 2 days. I wanted to get another short run in this week before the race but since I’ve been so sore, I opted out.  I definitely don’t want to be sore for the race tomorrow.  I feel like such a wimp…I worked so hard last year to train for 2 half-marathons and now I can barely run 3 miles without whining.  Oh well, I knew what the consequences would be of taking time off and now I’m living and breathing them.  Just gotta keep moving forward!

The race tomorrow is being held to benefit a local resident who was involved in a terrible attack a few months ago.  I have a feeling much of our town will show up in support.

So, now that it’s almost race time, I have to prepare.  I have my “outfit” picked out including the matching headband, my GPS is charging, chap stick, knee strap and body glide are on deck, and my playlist is ready to go.  Oh, and I also have to chew gum while I run.  Don’t come at me with your safety stuff…I know.  But it’s a thing.  What are your race day essentials?  Do you have a weird (or let’s say ‘odd’) routine before or while racing?

As soon as the race is over, I have to haul my tail to the house for a quick shower and a possible blow-drying of the hair.  We have a 12:30 football game to get to! Needless to say, I won’t be sticking around for awards and stuff but it’s not like I’m going to win anything.  That’s not what my goal is anyway.  I’m not being negative but winning isn’t my goal–I know I don’t work hard enough to actually win and that’s totally okay with me!  If I finish in under 30 minutes, I’m a happy girl–that is my goal. Tonight, we head to the usual Mexican where I WILL NOT partake in margarita drinking…maybe a beer or two.  And we will be celebrating Bess’ birthday.

The birthday girl is on the far right.

The birthday girl is on the far left.

I need to be on my best behavior so I will feel up and at it in the AM.  However, on a side note, I did run my second 5K after drinking too much wine one night…it actually helped me detox 😉

In any event, I can’t wait to be at my favorite place in the world tomorrow…

304553_365561593514591_1200554032_n 229039_150104718393614_6005629_nI’ll let you guys know how the race goes.  Till then, have a great weekend!!


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What I Love About September.

I feel like it’s been forever, guys.  Sorry, I have been working my butt off.  Not as in working out but as in actual job-work. In our little city, September brings fall, football, and good ol’ Aiken’s Makin’, a giant 2-day craft show.  In my last post, I discussed going to RPM Friday morning and not drinking margaritas…well I only drank one margarita but since I had to be at work at 7 am the next morning, RPM was a no-go.  My employer sponsors a kids’ activity section at the craft show so I was there both Friday and Saturday.  No, I wasn’t in the office and that was totally awesome.  But I was in the heat for 2 days and doing some physical labor which can totally kick your butt.  I did, however, get to take in some of the scenery…

photo (22)

Yes, I totally had a corn dog at 10:30 Saturday morning…how could you not?!

photo (21)On Saturday, I was able to get a bit of a break and Mrs. Presley and her stud muffin met up with me for some fun…

photo (23)

Wait, no, that’s not her stud muffin. Just some random at the ATM…I just thought it was funny.

photo (24)Pizza time!  I was totally grateful for this break.  It rejuvenated me and got me through the rest of the day.  The Georgia-Carolina game came on at 4:30 so you betta believe I made sure I was home by then.  I got home, got dressed, and we went to a friend’s house.  This game day get together included the parents too.

photo (25)

Dad, Megan, & Me

We had an awesome night.  The Dawgs pulled out the W and we celebrated (maybe a little too much).  I also gotta show off my awesome new koozie that Megan got me…

photo (20)I don’t know if you can tell but uhhhh, this thing is sparklin’ something serious.

Yesterday, I seriously laid (lied?) in bed until 1:30 pm.  All of the exhaustion from work and playing over the weekend totally kicked my butt.  Sometimes you just really have to rest and be lazy.  After a day of doing nothing, it was time for one of my other favorite things about September…

photo (26)Yes sir!  Nucky is back!  We love this show.

Today, I had such a hard day…

photo (19)Ha, totally kidding.  September also brings about work golf events.  So I sat at Hole #18 for 5 hours while schmoozing and handing out marketing goodies. Some days, my job can be so awesome.

I taught Spin 30 tonight and came home to my hubs cooking dinner.  Thank. You.  This girl was hungry.  Now we are watching Life of Pi so I gotta run to catch the end.  I’ll post my playlist tomorrow.  What do you love about September?

Oh!  One more thing…tomorrow is our 2 year wedding anniversary!!  This year’s traditional gift is supposed to be cotton.  We shall see…





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10 More Days!

That’s right…if you live in the South Carolina/Georgia area, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

photo (19)

Our house is super divided…I’m a Georgia fan and Matt is a Clemson fan.  To be honest, I would much rather live with a Clemson fan than a Carolina fan.  The Georgia/Carolina rivalry is way too intense for me to handle under one roof. We were really hoping to go to the game next weekend but we aren’t having any luck finding tickets that wouldn’t require us to sell an organ on the black market. This is a game I am dying to go to because Georgia and Clemson only play each other every 10 years!  But, we may just get together with friends and family (as I’m sure we will every Saturday until January) and watch the game as it should be watched–with friends, family, food, and lots of beer.

On another random note, this is what Chef Spires made for dinner Monday night…

photo (20)

Okay, see, this is why I’m still weird about taking pictures of my food…I just think this is awkward.  I also feel awkward taking pictures of my food in public.  I know, bloggers do it all the time.  I’m just not there yet.  I feel so uncomfortable doing that.  “Wait!  Don’t touch your plate honey…I need to take a picture of it in a strange way so the entire restaurant thinks we’re weirdos.”  I’m sure I will get over it eventually.  Hell, give me a few drinks and I’ll be taking pictures of everything.  In any event, our sausage with peppers and onions was delish.  We even had enough leftover for me to make 2 lunches out of it!

Yesterday, my friend Nicole and I planned to meet up for zumba after work.  I ended up having to work late and had a really stressful day.  The air in our office went out and it was like 85 degrees in there all day so I was just fed up and ready for a few cold beers after all that.  It really is a struggle after a day like that…workout or go relax with a few cold ones?  I chose the latter.  I did, however, make myself get up for a 5:30 spin class this morning.  Yay me!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out tonight because we are going to a birthday dinner, so I would have really been feeling bad about myself going 3 days with no workout.  Plus, I woke up from an insane dream and couldn’t go back to sleep. All I will tell you about my dream was it involved being woken up by the house alarm going off, Matt walking around the house with a weapon, me going to potty while he looked for the intruder, and then I found the intruder…an old lady was hiding in the shower and grabbed my neck while I was sitting on the toilet.  I kept trying to yell for Mathew but couldn’t catch my breath.  So “daddy” came out…what. the. hell.  Okay, so yeah, I just told you the entire dream.

I left spin a few minutes early, which I hate to do, but I had to get back home to get ready for work.  I think morning instructors understand that.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be teaching any spin classes this week–just taking them!  Oh and, my (cough cough, area) was still hurting as I sat on the bike this morning.  Again, I suck at riding real bikes.

It was nice to get up and get my day started.  I felt more energized this morning but I seem to be struggling this afternoon, hence the reason I’m drinking a Monster as we speak (or type).  I know, I know, I shouldn’t drink those.  To each their own.  I know I said I wanted to start working out in the morning twice a week.  Well, I’ve worked out in the morning twice in three weeks.  Hey, some progress is better than no progress, right?!  Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, we are off to Bonefish tonight to celebrate my cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday.  I am ready to tear into some Bang Bang Shrimp!  Maybe I’ll workout in the morning… 🙂

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