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My favorite place on Earth…

Sanford Stadium is by far my favorite place on Earth.  I’ve traveled abroad, seen beautiful places, but Sanford Stadium is MY favorite place to be.  Matt and I, along with another couple, went to Athens Saturday to watch the Dawgs play Kentucky.  The only bad part = 7 pm game combined with cold temperatures.  I love night games…but not November night games.  The weather during the day was perfect.  Not too cold, not too hot.  We had a great time.  And of course, the Dawgs won.  Unfortunately, that sweet, good-looking Aaron Murray wasn’t able to finish his last home game as a UGA football player.  Actually, he wasn’t able to finish his last game of his college career at all due to tearing his ACL.  In any event…

calli cold

Yeah, it was COLD.

photo 1 (3)

The couple with us got engaged last week…YAY! (I definitely told them “may God be with you” 🙂

matt and logan UGA photo 5 (2) me ga2

Where is YOUR favorite place on Earth??  What makes it awesome??

The next day, Matt and I had lunch, went grocery shopping, and then I had a spin class to teach.  Here is the playlist I used:

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)Yes, as you can see, I do love Miley’s new album.  Despite what the critics say, I think this girl is a genius.  Yes, she needs to class it up a bit.  But as an artist, she has made some bold but beneficial decisions.  I mean, think about it, we are all still talking about what a tragic mess she is, right?!  My point exactly.  PS. Watch The Miley Movement if you haven’t already.  Might change your mind 🙂

I’ll be teaching a Ripped Ride class tonight, so I will have another playlist for you tomorrow with some new songs I am trying out.  I know we all have a busy week ahead of us with Thanksgiving in just a few days.  I’m looking forward to a lot of things later this week…lots of food and family time Wednesday & Thursday, Van Gogh & Vino session with my cousin Friday night (she convinced me that they CAN teach me how to paint), and our first annual Friendsgiving with Presley on Saturday.  This event also requires me to make a few dishes for our dinner–can I just bring the booze?!  🙂


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What I’ve learned so far…

Before I get to the point of this post, I want to share my playlist from yesterday’s Ripped Ride class…

photo (1) photo (31)I’ll post the specifics for each song later…we had a great class!

So, I have been blogging since July 2nd…almost at the two month mark.  It seems like much longer already!  But I wanted to reflect on a few things I have learned and noticed over the last two months.  It’s a short list but I think it will be interesting to see how it grows in the future…

  1. People like pictures.  Okay, like pictures.  A lot.  One thing I can’t stand is to read a lengthy post with no pictures.  I’m like a child…didn’t you want to read all the books with pictures when you were little?  I don’t think that changes much as we get older.  I don’t care if it’s a picture of the sky.  Or a selfie.  (We all know you take selfies in the car…)
  2. People like food.  This is one area that I need to work on…but hey, I never said my blog would be about eating healthy or recipes.  I. Don’t. Cook.  I’m like the wife from Talladega Nights, except I’m not as rich, hot, or bitchy.  People love recipes and seeing pictures of food.  I do have a folder in my email where I save most of your posts with good recipes (by good, I mean those that my husband and I would consider eating).  In the back of my mind, though, I know I may not ever refer to them.  Not because I don’t like them or appreciate the effort you put in to sharing them…but because i. don’t. cook.  One day…one day…
  3. People like real.  It is obviously hard to get to know someone via blog posts…so don’t make it all about the fitness or all about the diet.  I want to get to know you outside of all that.  Maybe I’m just creepy.  We all have an intended focus for our blogs but it’s okay to sometimes go outside of that realm.  The only thing that I am keeping off limits with my blog is my marriage.  It could be the best relationship in the world but you won’t read much about it.  That’s just something I don’t feel should be shared with a bunch of strangers, even if I feel like I know some of you.  Some people say wayyyy too much via social media about their spouse and marriage and it causes problems.  I’m sorry, good or bad, sharing it with the world via social media includes very fine boundaries.  Now, what I do like are success stories.  Those can be inspiring.  So, your marriage fell off track and you fixed it? Great, you may help others that are in your previous position.  Pissed off at your spouse and want to bad-mouth them? Keep that off the internet.  It’s called respect.  If you’re doing it in a joking manner, that’s one thing.  But I think you guys know what I’m talking about.  No one likes a Debbie Downer, a Negative Nancy, a Fun Sucker…okay, I’ll stop.

Like I said, it’s a short list.  And this is just what I’ve noticed over the last two months that like (and dislike) about blogging…you may completely disagree and that’s fine.  Please tell me about it, whether you agree or not! (Seriously though, just give me pictures.  I’m like a child…why do you think I’m addicted to Instagram and not Facebook?  Pictures, people, pictures! :)) Happy Hump Hump Hump Day!!


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10 More Days!

That’s right…if you live in the South Carolina/Georgia area, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

photo (19)

Our house is super divided…I’m a Georgia fan and Matt is a Clemson fan.  To be honest, I would much rather live with a Clemson fan than a Carolina fan.  The Georgia/Carolina rivalry is way too intense for me to handle under one roof. We were really hoping to go to the game next weekend but we aren’t having any luck finding tickets that wouldn’t require us to sell an organ on the black market. This is a game I am dying to go to because Georgia and Clemson only play each other every 10 years!  But, we may just get together with friends and family (as I’m sure we will every Saturday until January) and watch the game as it should be watched–with friends, family, food, and lots of beer.

On another random note, this is what Chef Spires made for dinner Monday night…

photo (20)

Okay, see, this is why I’m still weird about taking pictures of my food…I just think this is awkward.  I also feel awkward taking pictures of my food in public.  I know, bloggers do it all the time.  I’m just not there yet.  I feel so uncomfortable doing that.  “Wait!  Don’t touch your plate honey…I need to take a picture of it in a strange way so the entire restaurant thinks we’re weirdos.”  I’m sure I will get over it eventually.  Hell, give me a few drinks and I’ll be taking pictures of everything.  In any event, our sausage with peppers and onions was delish.  We even had enough leftover for me to make 2 lunches out of it!

Yesterday, my friend Nicole and I planned to meet up for zumba after work.  I ended up having to work late and had a really stressful day.  The air in our office went out and it was like 85 degrees in there all day so I was just fed up and ready for a few cold beers after all that.  It really is a struggle after a day like that…workout or go relax with a few cold ones?  I chose the latter.  I did, however, make myself get up for a 5:30 spin class this morning.  Yay me!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out tonight because we are going to a birthday dinner, so I would have really been feeling bad about myself going 3 days with no workout.  Plus, I woke up from an insane dream and couldn’t go back to sleep. All I will tell you about my dream was it involved being woken up by the house alarm going off, Matt walking around the house with a weapon, me going to potty while he looked for the intruder, and then I found the intruder…an old lady was hiding in the shower and grabbed my neck while I was sitting on the toilet.  I kept trying to yell for Mathew but couldn’t catch my breath.  So “daddy” came out…what. the. hell.  Okay, so yeah, I just told you the entire dream.

I left spin a few minutes early, which I hate to do, but I had to get back home to get ready for work.  I think morning instructors understand that.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be teaching any spin classes this week–just taking them!  Oh and, my (cough cough, area) was still hurting as I sat on the bike this morning.  Again, I suck at riding real bikes.

It was nice to get up and get my day started.  I felt more energized this morning but I seem to be struggling this afternoon, hence the reason I’m drinking a Monster as we speak (or type).  I know, I know, I shouldn’t drink those.  To each their own.  I know I said I wanted to start working out in the morning twice a week.  Well, I’ve worked out in the morning twice in three weeks.  Hey, some progress is better than no progress, right?!  Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, we are off to Bonefish tonight to celebrate my cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday.  I am ready to tear into some Bang Bang Shrimp!  Maybe I’ll workout in the morning… 🙂

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My First Early Morning Workout.

Okay, not like my first ever.  But my first real effort at an early morning workout.  And by early, I mean 5:30 am.  Some may say that’s not early, some may say it’s too early…in any event, it’s early for me.  I’ve been battling with the idea of working out before work lately.  Things come up at night from time to time that may prevent me from working out.  And it would allow me more time to be at home in the evenings.  I told you yesterday that I was going to Body Pump Express after work.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Dad called and had a little emergency so Matt and I headed over to watch the grand kids for him.  I can’t ever complain about that.  I absolutely adore my niece and nephew and I’ll take any time I can get with them, especially since Chloe will be leaving for New Mexico to be with her mommy and daddy.

photo[4] photo[26]The fact that Matt can get a picture with her is an accomplishment in itself.  She’s weird with him.  She used to cry when he walked in a room.  Now, she just fusses a little when he holds her.  He is great with kids but this one just doesn’t seem to buy it.

I was really happy to capture this moment…

photo[5]Kash asked that Chloe sit with him.  I was able to snatch a photo and then he said “take her away.”  The sweetness only lasts a few seconds.  I did get some cute pics of them in the tub but I was apprehensive about posting them.  Is it creepy to post pictures of babies/toddlers in the tub?  I didn’t think it would be weird if it was just Chloe, but since it’s both of them, I wasn’t sure.  I’m not a mom…so I don’t know.

I made the kiddos Hamburger Helper (don’t judge…that’s what my dad had out) and then once the parentals got home, Matt and I headed to grab Mexican.  It was getting late and we had a coupon…win win.

Knowing that I wouldn’t make it to the gym tonight either because I’ll be going to our small group, I decided last night that I was getting up early to make it to the 5:30 am Body Pump class.  Mine and Matt’s alarms went off at the exact same time, but they were different noises so it about gave me a heart attack.  I started playing on my phone so that I wouldn’t go right back to sleep.  And it worked.  I made it out the door at 5:26 and walked in just as they were starting.

By the way, this is how smokin' hot I am at 5:26 am.  I know, I know...

By the way, this is how smokin’ hot I am at 5:26 am. I know, I know…

I wasn't happy about it still being dark out.  Darkness = sleep.

I wasn’t happy about it still being dark out. Darkness = sleep.

I actually felt great and really energized during the class.  Once it was over, I was like “I want more!  Let’s go run!”  But duty calls and this sister has to get to work.  I have such little time between the time class is over and the time that I need to get in the shower that I don’t have time to cook breakfast (how many times can I say time in one sentence?).  I even left Pump 5 minutes early to get home on time.  I was hoping the breakfast fairies left me a giant omelet with loads of cheese and peppers in it but no, didn’t happen.  So I grabbed a stale protein bar and a glass of milk and hurriedly got in the shower.  Bad thing is that I seriously dislike most protein bars.  They’re all either too soft, too sweet (since so many of them are chocolate), covered in nuts or something else I don’t like, and I just really don’t like them.  So do you have any suggestions of something I can literally just grab and walk around the house eating for 3 minutes until I hit the shower?

A few weeks back, I complained about a Body Pump class I went to and how the instructor wasn’t checking or correcting form by any means.  Well this morning’s class made me really happy…the instructor (a different one) corrected people’s form from on stage.  Nothing serious…usually a “spread your feet a little wider” type comment.  But hey, better than nothing!!  I felt a lot more confident in this instructor.  Maybe it was because the morning classes are smaller and she could see us a little better.  I’m not sure.

I also think the whole “working out in the morning makes you more energized throughout the day” thing is a myth.  Okay, for me anyway.  I had my usual coffee at home but as soon as I got to the office, I dug through my desk to find change for a Diet Coke.  I don’t do this often.  But I felt like I seriously needed the caffeine.  Once I had to go home and get ready for work, the whole being energized thing was over.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Y’all let me know.  I’m going to try to work out in the mornings at least twice a week.  So if you have any tips for how to make this process easier or more beneficial, let me know.

Oh by the way, I think this squat challenge is going to work.  Stupid me forgot to count during the squat track this morning.  Once I remembered though, I counted and we did 60 squats during two tracks and they were all weighted.  So I knocked out day 1 like that.  We will see how the rest of the month goes!!





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Body Pump & Veggies…frozen or fresh?

I met my friend Nicole at Gold’s Gym for Body Pump yesterday after work.  Before I go any further, let me explain why I am still a member at Gold’s despite the fact that I teach spin and take classes at another gym.  Gold’s is literally within walking distance of my house…sometimes I might drive there but who can blame me.  I am totally the kidnappable type…it could be dark when I leave, I’m a ditsy blonde, and I wear work-out clothes that may or may not be too tight. Anyway, I have contemplated cancelling my Gold’s membership many times but I can’t bring myself to do it.  It’s really cheap and it is so convenient to my house.  I may only go every once in a while but when I can’t get to my “home gym” (about 20 minutes from house), it’s really easy to pop in across the street for a Body Pump or RPM class, or even just a quick run on the treadmill.  That is huge for me once it starts getting dark early…especially since I’ll be training for another half this fall.  Anyway, on with the borophyll…(Billy Madison–you caught that, right?!)

really like Body Pump.  It is a great overall body workout.  The only thing I don’t like about classes at Gold’s is that no one ever checks form.  I’m not bashing the gym by any means…I just think that there are folks out there that don’t know how to handle weight lifting properly and they could really hurt themselves–and that includes me!  I learn more about correct form every time I work out.  And your body benefits from proper form with any exercise you do. So I just wish that during the Body Pump class, there was an extra trainer present that would check form because I know I could benefit from it as well. That even goes for RPM classes.  I’ve only been to a few there but the last time I went, 2 newbies came in, had no idea how to even set their bikes up, and could have really hurt themselves.  I couldn’t take it.  I got off my bike and helped them both.  So my thought was, would the instructor just have let them ride a full hour like that?!

Again, not trying to bash…some of this stuff just caught my eye as a bit dangerous.  When I teach spin, I get off my bike at least twice a class usually.  And I don’t typically go around to students individually and correct form, but when I see someone doing something a little off, I will address the entire class.  Especially so I don’t single someone out.  And I also make sure everyone is set up properly before class begins…even if it does push us back 5 minutes.  Safety should always be #1.  I know this sounds like I’m totally bashing Gold’s Gym…I’m not trying to.  It’s not like I won’t go back there.  I just think their clients (and the gym) would benefit from some form checking…that’s all.  Has anyone ever felt the way I did tonight at another gym’s class?

I can tell you I am sore today.  I was trying to wash my face in the shower this morning and my biceps were trembling.  The class is definitely worth the work.  Now, on to the second portion of this post’s awkward title…

Do frozen veggies count as healthy/clean?  So, I love Costco.  Who doesn’t.  I buy the giant bag of frozen stir-fry veggies.  My rationale is “hey, it’s lots of veggies, easy to cook on the stove, and only like $10.”  I read the ingredients last night and it only lists the ingredients in the bag: snap peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms, broccolli, on and on.  The bag says “all natural, no preservatives.”  So is that true?  Do these count as eating real veggies?  I can’t possibly go to the grocery store and buy all those veggies individually for $10-$15.  #1–they will go bad before I have time to eat them.  #2–it’s not as convenient as pouring frozen veggies out of a bag into a pan.  So please let me know what you think.  Oh, just as information, I attempted cooking cubed steak last night.  Major fail.  Had to drench it in ketchup because it was so dry.  Womp womp…so then I just moved on to a glass (or two) of wine.  No, technically this isn’t the proper amount of wine for one glass…but seriously, I drink wine out of plastic cups.  Who cares.

Oh, these are my homie Presley's initials...I love bridal shower favors.

Oh, these are my homie Presley’s initials…I love bridal shower favors.


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Tuesday became a Monday.

Tuesday started off with a bang but not quite the type of bang I preferred (<–I realize that sounds dirty…not my intention).  I changed my outfit at least twice this morning which got me out the door 10 minutes later than normal.  Then, people from work were blowing my phone up by 8:08 am!  So it was an overwhelming morning but I am settled and actually having a really productive day.  And to my mom friends…I bet you are all laughing at me because once we have a baby, no morning will ever go as planned…ever.  Plus, it doesn’t take much to send me into panic mode, especially while I’m trying to get out the door.  Anyway, moving on…

Guess what?  I taught a class last night!  Unbelievable, I know.  Oxygen offers a SPIN/TRX class a few times a week, so I taught the spin portion and then got my butt kicked in TRX.  It’s crazy how strong you feel doing one type of exercise and how weak you feel doing another.  Here’s my 30 minute playlist that I used last night, from warm-up to cool-down:

Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna

Get those legs warmed up and go ahead and stretch those arms out.  Easy into moderate resistance.  Combo flat.  Jump right into the work out with warm up intervals.  Add some hover action…up 4 back 4, up 2 back 2…

Take Over Control – Afrojack feat. Eva Simons (PS. Just found this one and I LOVE it)

Light resistance.  Combo flat.  Standing sprints during chorus.  Seated during verse.  You can’t help but move to this song!

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

Rolling hills.  Begin with light to moderate.  Add full or half turn every 10 seconds until you hit the chorus.  Then its all out, 100%, push.  Release a full turn after chorus and start over…full or half turn every 10.  All the way to the end.

Anything – TriCosta

Standing moderate resistance for 3 minutes.  Add a full turn every chorus but be sure to maintain that speed as much as possible!

Burn it Down – Linkin Park

There’s a big hill ahead.  Conquer it as a team.  Combo hill.  Use the chorus to get out of the saddle and bring energy to your legs.

Too Much in Love – Chris Willis

Start in the saddle at moderate to heavy resistance.  At 50-60 second intervals, or as the music builds, bring riders out of the saddle for a few seconds, add resistance (usually half to full turn), wait a few seconds, and return to the saddle.

Power – Kanye West

Tabata time!  Alternate between seated and standing climbs.  :20 to :30 seconds on, :10 to :15 seconds off.  Maximum effort, maximum resistance.  This is your time to focus!

To Be With You – Mr. Big

Time to cool it down.  Ride easy and stretch it out.

My friend Allison caught a glimpse of me with her phone during class, so here is a during and after shot.  The room got nice and steamy.

 photo (24) photo (1)

Those things you see hanging above my head on the bike are resistance bands that we use during the Ripped Ride class.  That’s a story for another day…

I got home and the hubs made one of my favorite snacks (okay, we ate it for dinner)…bruschetta!  And don’t judge…who actually wants to do dishes?!  Plastic and paper all the way…unless we’re feeling fancy.

photo (23)

I’ll get around to posting the routine I used last night with the playlist I provided…lunch break is almost over and it’s time to knock out the rest of this day!  I hope you’re having a great Tuesday (and mine did eventually get better).  Oh and let me know…would you rather me post the YouTube links to songs on my playlists or the iTunes download links?  Thanks!!

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Help me eat clean.

As Matt and I were talking about my blog last night, he said “your blog is supposed to be about spinning…but you don’t talk about spinning much.”  Light bulb…he was exactly right.  Crazy enough, since I started the blog, I haven’t been on the bike much.  If I’m not teaching a class, I like to try other things like hot yoga, piloxing, and crossfit to name a few.  I think it is very important to cross-train because your body will only change so much with one activity…at least that’s my experience.  But Matt was totally right.  His comment made me realize that I need to make sure I maintain focus in the blog.  That being said, here’s something that is spinning out of control in my life…my eating. (Nope, that doesn’t have to do with spinning either, but I’ll get it right soon…)

Okay no, I don’t eat fast food every day or load up with sweets at night.  But I tend to do very well throughout the day and then fall short at home.  Here’s the problem…I’m active and I workout but this sista likes her food.  Come on, pizza is delicious.  Don’t lie to yourself.  But the key is moderation when it comes to that type of food.  Another big problem is that I want to be more careful about eating but it’s difficult when your spouse doesn’t.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind eating healthier dinners but when he is the one who cooks, it is a little hard for me to dictate.  It’s not like we eat junk for dinner every night but we buy a lot of frozen stuff and eat delicious fried pork chops like we had tonight (yes, that is what the pork chops I murdered the other night were supposed to be used for).  I do not want to buy two sets of groceries and cook two different meals.  Ain’t happenin’.  So, I told Matt my concern and of course he says “well why didn’t you tell me…we can eat cleaner.”  Well, okay then.  Let’s do it.  But we can’t go all veganicious right off the bat or anything.  Do you have any tips for how to gradually work toward a healthier, cleaner diet for the both of us?  Also, eating cleaner is going to cost more.  How do you eat clean while on a tight budget?


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