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Let the Halloween festivities begin!

The time is here.  It’s officially the start of my birthday week…next Friday, I turn the big 26.  That will then kick-off my birthday month 🙂  We are heading to a Halloween party tonight at my favorite hole-in-the-wall.  Tomorrow morning, I will be going to one of my closest friend’s baby shower brunch…

me and beth

This is Beth!

beth and natalie

Beth with her first born, Natalie Ann.

We will be celebrating Beth’s second baby girl tomorrow.  I can’t wait!  I’m sure I will come home with “the” fever…

Tomorrow night, we will be celebrating my friend Nicole’s big 28.  We’ve been celebrating birthdays within days of each other for seven years now.

From 2009.

From 2009.

THEN, if time permits, we are hitting up another Halloween party at a friend’s house.  Sunday, I would like to make it to church and get a work out in before heading to dance practice.  It’s going to be a busy but fun-filled weekend.  I feel like I’m laying the cheese on really thick here…

Do you have any Halloween plans this weekend?  Are you dressing up?  I’m pumped about dressing up because it’s been years.  And because I’m bound to surprise everyone with my get-up.  Happy Friday!!



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3-Day Weekend Recap + Picture Fail.

I was about to say “Happy Monday” until I realized it’s Tuesday.  It is my Monday–one great thing about the banking industry is federally reserved holidays.  I has a massage for breakfast yesterday, Rhinehart’s for lunch, and a pedicure for dinner.  All out pamper fest.  I don’t know what got into me.  I had a certificate for the massage.  And I really just wanted to enjoy the extra day off exactly how wanted to.

This weekend wasn’t exceptionally thrilling but there were a few exciting moments.  Friday night, we ended up at Chili’s with our friends, Bess & Chunky. Saturday morning, I got ready for a sweet girl’s 1st birthday party.  Her cake was super cute!

photo (62)And no, surprisingly I did not indulge in cake OR cupcakes.  Wasn’t in the mood. Which actually troubles me. Anyway, I left the party a little early so I could meet up with Allison.  We went to Columbia to meet Presley and Aubrie for a girls’ night.  We were all actually supposed to be in Atlanta this weekend to run the Pretty Muddy Mud Run but for whatever reason, the race was cancelled.  So we opted for a night out in Columbia instead.  I’m usually really good at making sure we get group photos.  That being said, this is the only picture I have from Saturday night…

photo (63)Thrilling.   I know.  I think one of the girls was trying to get in some good stretching before the night kicked off 😉  I have absolutely no work outs to tell you about becaaaause there haven’t been any.  I do plan on doing some things around the house after work today and then going for a “long run.”  We will see how long that run goes.  The right ball of my foot is really hurting me today.  It’s been bothering me for about 2 years now.  I’m sure if I went to an orthopedist, he would tell me to quit wearing heels.  I’m sorry but I find it pretty difficult to be a woman in the business/professional world and not wear heels–and I’m a girlie girl at that.  I wear heels almost every day during the work week.  But anyway, my foot has been bothering me more than normal lately.

So yeah, that was my exciting 3-day weekend recap.  Have you ever had a problem with a constant, nagging pain in the ball of your foot?  I’m hoping that running isn’t making it worse…



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Color Run – Birthdays – See ya Laters

Whoa…what a busy weekend we’ve had!  Here’s a short recap…

photo 1 (5)

Before and after the Color Run.

photo 2 (3)

The “Color Me Oxygen” team.

photo 4

Fun with Allison.

photo 1 (3)

Spotted by official Color Run photog during the after party.

This was my second color run.  I ran my first last October in Columbia.  It was absolutely freezing this time last year (okay, if you live in the South and you’re used to this weather, you would have thought it was freezing).  Color Me Rad put on last year’s race.  I thought the race in Columbia was more fun but the after party in Augusta was slammin’.  I’m still trying to get blue paint off my body.  For some reason, the blue really likes me.  I have blue armpits, blue ear gook, and some blue tint in my hair.  Oh well…everyone just thinks my husband beats me.

After the Color Run, I headed to a precious little boy’s 1st birthday party…

photo 3 (3)This is Jax.  He is the son of my best bud in the world, Kyle.  We have been friends for 21 years.  He, his wife, and son are moving on Tuesday to Ohio…it’s been an emotional roller coaster of a weekend for me with that in mind.

After the birthday party, we had a grown-up party to spend some more time with them before they move…

photo (36)This crew gets together just about every time Kyle is in town.  He is the one in the middle wearing that beautiful Carolina jersey.  These are some of my oldest friends–the “Original Crew.”

Today, Matt played golf and I went to my cousin’s 21st birthday lunch at a local steakhouse…

1378028_537879982949417_2041893479_nphoto 1 (4)photo 2 (4)And yes, I totally indulged in the cookie cake.  One of my favorite combinations…cookies and icing!!

We were constantly on the go this weekend and now we are finally winding down…blogging and watching Boardwalk Empire.  Oh how I wish I had just one more day off…

Have you ever ran a color run?  Oh, and if anyone owns a jet pack or knows a pilot that can give me the hookup, let me know.  I keep telling myself that Ohio is only 8 hours away…just 8 hours…


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It’s the weekend baby! & time to race…

It’s Friday…it’s payday…and it’s the day before race day…

I told y’all that I ran on Tuesday…I have been sore ever since!  Muscles that haven’t been activated in quite some time have been screaming at me for 2 days. I wanted to get another short run in this week before the race but since I’ve been so sore, I opted out.  I definitely don’t want to be sore for the race tomorrow.  I feel like such a wimp…I worked so hard last year to train for 2 half-marathons and now I can barely run 3 miles without whining.  Oh well, I knew what the consequences would be of taking time off and now I’m living and breathing them.  Just gotta keep moving forward!

The race tomorrow is being held to benefit a local resident who was involved in a terrible attack a few months ago.  I have a feeling much of our town will show up in support.

So, now that it’s almost race time, I have to prepare.  I have my “outfit” picked out including the matching headband, my GPS is charging, chap stick, knee strap and body glide are on deck, and my playlist is ready to go.  Oh, and I also have to chew gum while I run.  Don’t come at me with your safety stuff…I know.  But it’s a thing.  What are your race day essentials?  Do you have a weird (or let’s say ‘odd’) routine before or while racing?

As soon as the race is over, I have to haul my tail to the house for a quick shower and a possible blow-drying of the hair.  We have a 12:30 football game to get to! Needless to say, I won’t be sticking around for awards and stuff but it’s not like I’m going to win anything.  That’s not what my goal is anyway.  I’m not being negative but winning isn’t my goal–I know I don’t work hard enough to actually win and that’s totally okay with me!  If I finish in under 30 minutes, I’m a happy girl–that is my goal. Tonight, we head to the usual Mexican where I WILL NOT partake in margarita drinking…maybe a beer or two.  And we will be celebrating Bess’ birthday.

The birthday girl is on the far right.

The birthday girl is on the far left.

I need to be on my best behavior so I will feel up and at it in the AM.  However, on a side note, I did run my second 5K after drinking too much wine one night…it actually helped me detox 😉

In any event, I can’t wait to be at my favorite place in the world tomorrow…

304553_365561593514591_1200554032_n 229039_150104718393614_6005629_nI’ll let you guys know how the race goes.  Till then, have a great weekend!!


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Weekend Roundup

This was a post I had planned for yesterday but considering our computer was severely testing my patience, I gave up!  So happy Monday everybody.  Here’s a recap of our weekend…

photo (31)

Birthday girl is bottom right in the black shirt.

Friday night involved a surprise 30th birthday party for a coworker.  Her husband and 2 of our coworkers had this all planned out and they did a phenomenal job at keeping the entire thing a secret.  The birthday girl’s sister and niece from New Hampshire came and surprised her as well!  She was absolutely shocked.

The party included a DJ which meant I had to show off my skills…

PicFrameWhy must all of these pictures capture me in the most awkward poses?

Oh well…that’s me.

photo (32)

photo (30)I have absolutely no idea what song we were singing but we were obviously pumped.  Matt didn’t make it to the party, unfortunately, because he had to work late and after a 12-13 hour day, I can’t blame him for staying in to get some rest.  Saturday, we were up and at it to go see my cousin play in a volleyball tournament and then we headed to another cousin’s baseball tournament.  It was a day full of family time and sports and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

photo (29)

Havird is #1 because well, it’s obvious, he’s #1 🙂

photo (28)After the festivities, Matt and I headed home for a nap.  We had plans to go to his buddy’s house and watch some football but honestly, we were pooped.  After a short nap, we decided we were going to lounge around all night and do absolutely nothing.  I even had a going-away party to attend for a former class mate and I never made it.  We had other friends invite us out.  But we just decided we needed a break.  We don’t take those very often and it was definitely necessary at this point.  And to be honest, I felt amazing when I got up for church yesterday.  We literally laid in bed and slept on and off for like 12 hours.  It was awesome.  And I feel really rejuvenated and ready to take on the week.

Well, it’s time to get in the game and tackle the workday.  I’m teaching Spin30 tonight and going CostCoing…yay!  😉  Hope you guys have a great Monday…did anyone else decide to give themselves a break over the weekend?


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Friday & Saturday.

Heyyyy party people.  Hope you had a fun Friday night.  I did no working out of the sort…unless you count dancing at the old people bar a workout.  Hey, I did get my glisten on.  Oh and I saw this on the way home from work yesterday…

miataI first thought, “Oh no!  They were loading up their trash to take to the dump and forgot about a bag.  Hope it doesn’t fly off, hit my car, and pollute the world!” But no, they did this intentionally.  It was tied to the car.  This, my friends, is why you don’t buy Matchbox size cars for the real world.  It doesn’t work. Unless you count that trash setup as working. #rantover

After Matt got home from work, we headed to where we typically go on Friday nights, El Alazan.  It’s been our favorite Mexican place for years, despite the fact it is a good 15 minute or longer drive.  Who cares…best Mex around!

Matt and Chunky

Matt and Chunky

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Then we were off to our local old people bar.  I love old people hangouts.  By old, I mean my parents’ age and up.  I don’t think that is actually old but that’s just how we call it around here.  Anyway, this particular bar/dance club has been managed by a dozen different people and been given a dozen different names.  We kinda think it sucks now.  It used to be a lot of fun but now, not so much.  Since we had to pay a cover, though, we made the most of it and danced our booties off.  This bar isn’t downtown so that is really the only reason we go there.  Sometimes we like to stay away from downtown bars.

me bess linds

Bess, Lindsey, and me!

We had a great night out with friends and then we were up this morning to head to my friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday party…

Me and Beth Ann

Me and Beth Ann

Matt with baby Kinley

Matt with baby Kinley

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Now we are home.  Matt is napping, I’m blogging and doing laundry (simultaneously–yes, I’m that good), and we are waiting on my dad to meet up with us for a few drinks.  Then we are off to Dusty and Tori’s house!  Doesn’t look like I will get a workout in today but I’m okay with that…there’s always Sunday!!  🙂





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Updated Post with Routine!

Happy Tuesday folks…I hope your week is going well!  I updated last Tuesday’s post to include the routine I used with my playlist.  Check it out!

I taught spin last night and will post that playlist with routine later this week. When I walked into the gym last night, I saw these super cute new tanks we got in!

photo (31)

I can’t wait to get mine.  I also found this written on the studio’s chalkboard once I got done teaching…reminded me why I was there!

photo (30)

It’s a busy Tuesday for me at the office and at home.  We are celebrating my sweet cousin Lexi’s 16th birthday tonight.  For those of you that know me, you understand how important this little brat is to me and Matt.  To just be 16, she is wise beyond her years.  I’m so privileged to have her in my life!!


(PS Lex…thanks for turning 16 so we can all get together for Mexican and drink in your honor ;))

Well, that’s my day in a nutshell.  Exciting, yes…I know 🙂  Have a great day!!

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