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My favorite place on Earth…

Sanford Stadium is by far my favorite place on Earth.  I’ve traveled abroad, seen beautiful places, but Sanford Stadium is MY favorite place to be.  Matt and I, along with another couple, went to Athens Saturday to watch the Dawgs play Kentucky.  The only bad part = 7 pm game combined with cold temperatures.  I love night games…but not November night games.  The weather during the day was perfect.  Not too cold, not too hot.  We had a great time.  And of course, the Dawgs won.  Unfortunately, that sweet, good-looking Aaron Murray wasn’t able to finish his last home game as a UGA football player.  Actually, he wasn’t able to finish his last game of his college career at all due to tearing his ACL.  In any event…

calli cold

Yeah, it was COLD.

photo 1 (3)

The couple with us got engaged last week…YAY! (I definitely told them “may God be with you” 🙂

matt and logan UGA photo 5 (2) me ga2

Where is YOUR favorite place on Earth??  What makes it awesome??

The next day, Matt and I had lunch, went grocery shopping, and then I had a spin class to teach.  Here is the playlist I used:

photo 2 (2) photo 1 (2)Yes, as you can see, I do love Miley’s new album.  Despite what the critics say, I think this girl is a genius.  Yes, she needs to class it up a bit.  But as an artist, she has made some bold but beneficial decisions.  I mean, think about it, we are all still talking about what a tragic mess she is, right?!  My point exactly.  PS. Watch The Miley Movement if you haven’t already.  Might change your mind 🙂

I’ll be teaching a Ripped Ride class tonight, so I will have another playlist for you tomorrow with some new songs I am trying out.  I know we all have a busy week ahead of us with Thanksgiving in just a few days.  I’m looking forward to a lot of things later this week…lots of food and family time Wednesday & Thursday, Van Gogh & Vino session with my cousin Friday night (she convinced me that they CAN teach me how to paint), and our first annual Friendsgiving with Presley on Saturday.  This event also requires me to make a few dishes for our dinner–can I just bring the booze?!  🙂


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Guess Who’s Back? + Rock ‘n Roll Half Recap

Wow.  I haven’t published a blog post since my birthday–that was 11 days ago.  I do apologize.  You might not have noticed I was gone…that’s  okay too.  It has been a complete whirlwind in the life of Logan.  I had a great opportunity arise last week and I had to spend a lot of time preparing.  It may be an opportunity I have the pleasure of discussing in further detail–and it may not.  We shall see! (No, I’m not talking babies so we can all hop off that topic.)  I’ve also been teaching spin on Tuesday nights and I’ve spent a lot of time working on our Dancing with the Aiken Stars routine.  Two weeks and counting!!

This weekend, Matt and I packed up and headed to Savannah, GA with some friends.  Myself and Allison signed up for the Savannah Rock ‘n Roll Half Marathon, while our friend Alicia signed up for the full marathon (mad props, dawg).

photo 1 (13)

Allison, Alicia, and Me


Here’s some footage of my first big race expo experience…

photo 4 (7)

I was quite mesmerized by this volcano…

  photo 3 (11)

photo 2 (13)

I’ve talked about this race a few times.  To be completely honest, my body was totally unprepared for this.  But since I knew what to expect mentally, I felt fine about the race.  I say that…but I could tell I was really anxious about it the day before.  I was kinda cranky and so “over it.”  Then, I found out that we had to be parked downtown by 5:30 am, which meant we had a 3:45 wake up time since we had to drive about 30 minutes to the destination.  I thought I was going to throw up.  Surprisingly (to myself and the girls), I woke up and was quite pleasant.  I was actually really excited to race again.  Hell, I hadn’t spend the time training so I wasn’t even bored with running!  I just kept wondering how my body would react…

I felt like I had been up for an entire work day by this point...

I felt like I had been up for an entire work day by this point…

This was such a FUN race.  Probably my favorite half.  I did, however, enjoy the after-race festivities of the Zooma half in January more.  It catered to women…enough said.  My body was fine until miles 7-8 hit.  I had actually predicted this–I knew I could push out a good 6-7 miles.  Miles 8-13 were really one of those light jog, walk-run type things. And I was perfectly fine with that!  My hips were telling me to cool it and I was just having fun.  Sure, the competitive side of me kept saying “push it,” but my hips started hurting so badly that I just couldn’t.  Thank goodness Mich Ultra ever so smartly placed this inflatable around mile 11–I needed the motivation!

photo 5 (5)

All in all, I really enjoyed this race.  I know I talk a lot of smack about running,but my racing days aren’t over.  They are for a while though.  I miss weight training and spinning–and I just don’t have the time in my schedule to fit ALL of those activities in.  So I’m getting back to my basics for a while.

photo 3 (10)

I was super grateful to have Matt and his buddy Chunky there to meet me at the finish line…it helps when you have cheerleaders waiting!!

photo 2 (12)

By the way, Allison PR’d at this race!! Way to go!!

After the race, we stuffed our faces and since we realized we had been up for basically 10 hours, we decided to take a much needed nap.  Then we got all dolled up and hit the town.  I absolutely love Savannah.  Oh, I also have to mention KT Tape here.  Allison uses it and decided to tape up my calves the night before the race since they tend to bother me a lot when I run…no matter how much I stretch.  Survey says?  Ding ding ding!  KT Tape is the way to go. My calves never once bothered me during the race!

photo 4 (6) photo 2 (11) photo 1 (12)

What’s the best/most fun race you have ever run (ran?–sorry, not a grammar goddess).  I feel good now…like I’m getting back to my blog game. Let’s hope I didn’t just jinx myself.  But hey, when things get busy and crazy, you have to make sacrifices.  With all that I had going on, blogging wasn’t a priority. And if that happens from time to time, it’s okay.  It isn’t how I make a living–I basically just want to tell you everything I do 🙂

PS.  I have a little request.  If you’re a person of faith, please please say some serious prayers for a coworker.  He’s a top executive at my company and had a heart attack almost 2 weeks ago.  He’s been in ICU since.  Apparently he went extended periods of time without oxygen to the brain.  You don’t stay in ICU for 2 weeks because of a heart attack and stint.  This is a man that looked like the almost-perfect image of healthy.  Early 60s, walked/ran 2-3 miles EVERY morning on his treadmill before work, and has never, let me repeat–never missed a day of work since the 70s.  Seriously.  It is breaking all of us to see this man not be himself–and we aren’t sure that he will ever return to that state again.  We all work very closely together…our “family” doesn’t seem complete right now.  So please, add this situation to your prayer list.  He needs it.

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Quick Weekend Recap

Long time, no chat!  I have been crazy busy lately–more so than usual–especially at work.  So here is a quick recap of what we did this weekend…

photo (2)


Friday night, I attended a friend’s rehearsal dinner.  My friend Nicole (left) was a bridesmaid in the wedding and she asked me to be her date.

photo 5

Delicious shrimp & grits for dinner.

Y’all know how awkward I feel taking pictures of my food.  Well, this plate sure looked pretty.  And I had 3 glasses of wine by this point…YOLO.

photo (2)

Saturday, Matt and I headed to Clemson, along with Matt’s buddy Chunky, for some tailgating and ticket-finding.  Thankfully we didn’t buy any tickets. They were super pricey and Clemson got clobbered.  We had an awesome time though.  It was actually a really bad Saturday for college football–Georgia, Clemson, and South Carolina all lost…although, I’m not all that upset about Carolina’s loss…

photo 2 photo 3Like I said, so much fun.  We met up with some old buddies from high school that don’t live nearby anymore.  I’ve known most of these guys since elementary school.  It was nice to catch up.  And yes, I was the only girl around.  Good thing I’m like one of the guys.

Sunday, I headed to my friend’s church to help set up for a fall festival they were hosting.

photo 1Then I headed over to the gym for the 90 minute spin class we were having with proceeds benefiting a local charity. THEN, it was off to dance practice.  I didn’t get a chance to slow down at all this weekend, so last night, I kept it low key.  My body was in pain from 90 minutes of spinning AND an hour of dance practice. So I opted to stay in and try to transition my summer wardrobe to the attic and get my fall apparel put in the closet.  I’m half way there. Matt and I also went Halloween costume shopping and had some fun poking at inappropriate costumes.  Yes we wait until the last minute.  Oh, by the way, am I the ONLY chick that doesn’t believe in dressing like a complete hooch for Halloween? Geez, we aren’t in college anymore.  Cover.  It.  Up.

Okay…I’m off to a Chamber lunch now.  I hope y’all are having a good week!!


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Trying to spin it all INTO control…

In my last post, I mentioned “time…schedules…ugh…that’s a story for another day.”  Well guess what y’all?  It’s ANOTHER DAY!  And I’m ready to tell that story.  Like most of you, my weeks are usually planned ahead of time. There never seems to be enough time.  I thought once I got done with grad school, free time would just be never-ending for me, since I was used to never having any. What I have learned is that all the time I spent in school and thought I would have as free time just gets filled up with other things.  As I type this, I know that sounds like duh…it is your free time, Logan.  You fill it up with what you want. Yes, that’s true.  I am the controller of the almighty calendar.  Basically, I spread myself WAY too thin and it gets incredibly exhausting.

With the position I hold at work, I’m expected to be active in the community.  I like to be active in the community–it’s just the people and things that get pushed to the wayside so that I can be active that eat at my soul.  I am a Chamber Ambassador, a member of the local Young Professionals group, on the events committee for a downtown development association, now I’m participating in this Dancing with the Stars deal, not to mention the fact that I work full-time, teach spin classes, and oh yeah, I have a husband, a family, and friends that all want to be part of my life (and I want them in my life).  Most of the Chamber and Young Professionals events are on Thursday nights, when I want to be at home group. I hate to have to tell my home group that I can’t come talk about the Lord because I’m busy schmoozing with other professionals.  BUT, I know I have control of that.  I guess my problem is getting a grasp on that whole saying “no” thing.

logan chamber 2013

Yesterday, for instance, I worked all day, changed at work and got dolled up for our Dancing with the Aiken Stars program pictures, then went to dance practice. What time did I leave my house yesterday?  Ohhhhh, 7:30 am. What time did I get home?  Hmmmm, around 10 pm.  I never ate dinner and Matt was ready to go to sleep when I got home, hence, we barely spoke all day.  I know there are people that do this all the time.  Yes, I’m used to it because I did it for almost 2 straight years while in grad school.  But I miss being home.  I miss Matt.  I think about how I haven’t snuggled with my cat-children lately.  The house is a wreck. Here’s the million dollar question–How on earth could I manage all of this AND have a child?  Ha, not happening.  So when people want to know what we are waiting on…I mean just think about everything I said.  I barely have the energy to take care of myself.  Much less a little squirt.  The thought completely overwhelms me.  Yes, it is my choice to participate in these events and be on these committees.  I basically have no idea what point I’m trying to reach here.

Oh, what about working out, Logan?  What about half-marathon training?  Yes, please tell me how that is supposed to happen.  I have a wedding rehearsal tonight, we are going to Clemson tomorrow for the game which will be an all day affair, I have a church event to work from 12-1 on Sunday, then a 90 minute spin class from 2:30-4, dance practice from 5-6, then Sunday dinner.  Oh and I’m supposed to sleep too.  Check email, put out fires, all that good stuff. I think what bothers me is when people say “there is NO excuse.”  Pardon me, but yes the hell there is.  I have definitely been lazy when I could have been productive. I won’t deny that.  But aren’t we allowed to be lazy?  Oh, and I don’t even cook my husband dinner because I’m NEVER HOME.  Thank God it doesn’t bother him that he doesn’t have a hot meal waiting on him when he gets home from work.

Our first Clemson game together.

Our first Clemson game together.

I think it all goes back to that post I wrote about priorities a while back.  I haven’t quite gotten them all straightened out but I’m working on it.  First and foremost, I am going to have to start saying “no” to some of this work stuff.  The fact that Matt called me yesterday and asked me when I would be home and I said “probably 10” and then he said “gah, you are spreading yourself to thin, I miss you” really bothered me and made me feel all fuzzy at the same time.  He’s right…I spread myself way too thin.

Oh!  Another thing I wanted to complain about today…to all you ladies out there: are we really expected to handle all of the parental relationships for ourselves and our significant others??  God knows I love my family and my in-laws, and this isn’t me throwing Matt under the bus, but is it normal for the ladies to have to handle everything when it comes to making plans with them?  They just want to spend time with us which is GREAT (it could be that we have parents that don’t give a rip).  But it is immensely overwhelming to think that I have to manage all of those relationships and if I say “no” to any of them, I take myself on a guilt trip.

Sorry, this was incredibly long-winded.  But it’s something I’ve wanted to discuss for a long time.  It sounds mostly negative-I know.  I am grateful to have a busy life and people that care about me.  And I’m totally looking forward to my busy weekend.  Again, I’m not sure I made absolutely ANY sense here.  Thanks for hanging in there with me anyway!

Happy Friday!!


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3-Day Weekend Recap + Picture Fail.

I was about to say “Happy Monday” until I realized it’s Tuesday.  It is my Monday–one great thing about the banking industry is federally reserved holidays.  I has a massage for breakfast yesterday, Rhinehart’s for lunch, and a pedicure for dinner.  All out pamper fest.  I don’t know what got into me.  I had a certificate for the massage.  And I really just wanted to enjoy the extra day off exactly how wanted to.

This weekend wasn’t exceptionally thrilling but there were a few exciting moments.  Friday night, we ended up at Chili’s with our friends, Bess & Chunky. Saturday morning, I got ready for a sweet girl’s 1st birthday party.  Her cake was super cute!

photo (62)And no, surprisingly I did not indulge in cake OR cupcakes.  Wasn’t in the mood. Which actually troubles me. Anyway, I left the party a little early so I could meet up with Allison.  We went to Columbia to meet Presley and Aubrie for a girls’ night.  We were all actually supposed to be in Atlanta this weekend to run the Pretty Muddy Mud Run but for whatever reason, the race was cancelled.  So we opted for a night out in Columbia instead.  I’m usually really good at making sure we get group photos.  That being said, this is the only picture I have from Saturday night…

photo (63)Thrilling.   I know.  I think one of the girls was trying to get in some good stretching before the night kicked off 😉  I have absolutely no work outs to tell you about becaaaause there haven’t been any.  I do plan on doing some things around the house after work today and then going for a “long run.”  We will see how long that run goes.  The right ball of my foot is really hurting me today.  It’s been bothering me for about 2 years now.  I’m sure if I went to an orthopedist, he would tell me to quit wearing heels.  I’m sorry but I find it pretty difficult to be a woman in the business/professional world and not wear heels–and I’m a girlie girl at that.  I wear heels almost every day during the work week.  But anyway, my foot has been bothering me more than normal lately.

So yeah, that was my exciting 3-day weekend recap.  Have you ever had a problem with a constant, nagging pain in the ball of your foot?  I’m hoping that running isn’t making it worse…



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80s Night, Mini-Day Trip, & Slip-n-Slides

Well, let the weekend recap begin…

Friday: My day immediately got better when my cousin Lexi, her friend Sierra, and my buddy Gary all met me for lunch.

I wouldn't usually take lunch photos but the girls love to have a picture of absolutely everything.  I didn't mind :)

I wouldn’t usually take lunch photos but the girls love to have a picture of absolutely everything. I didn’t mind 🙂

Then it was time to prepare for 80s night…

photo (14)

Me and Dad.

Me and Dad.

The lighting in the joint kinda sucks so the pictures I have aren’t great.  But the bar owner took some with his camera and they will turn out better.  Just may take a month for him to post them online and for me to steal them…

Saturday: We got dressed and hit the road for Bamberg (about an hour and a half away from home).  Matt’s new job requires him to drive to Bamberg a couple times a week so he wanted to show me his route, and get a little more familiar with it himself.

"Here come the Men in Black..."

“Here come the Men in Black…”

photo (8) photoUnfortunately, the gallery was closed by the time we went by.  But we did hit up an awesome diner for lunch.

photo (9)

By awesome, I mean good ol’ country cookin’ awesome.  I walked in and was immediately turned off by the fact that it was buffet style.  But after some looking around, I thought, hell, why not.  So we dug right in.

photo (15)

I’m not going to say which number plate this was for me.  But this was the only plate that didn’t make me look like a complete food hoarder.

Then we went bowling.  I’m a member of our local Chamber’s Ambassador group so this was one of our outings…

photo[6]Mr. Serious and Mrs. Professional.  Right.  We had a great time though.

Sunday: It was definitely a Sunday Funday for this girl.  I woke up around 8:30 and decided to go for a quick run before it was time to get ready for church.  I would usually never  do that.  I cherish the time I have to lounge around in bed on the weekends.  But this Sunday, for whatever reason, I woke up and actually wanted to run.  I haven’t had that urge in quite some time.  I used to really enjoy running.  It all changed when I started racing.  I do enjoy the 5Ks and smaller races but once I had to train for a half-marathon, I began to really dislike running…period.  I enjoy the race aspect so much!  Too bad you can’t get there without the training.  I mean, I could.  But that would be a disaster and/or injury waiting to happen.  Training for races just feels like another “have to.” Another thing Logan has to add to her plate.  Another thing to stress Logan out if she doesn’t do it like she’s supposed to.  After the Savannah Rock n’ Roll half in November, I am donezo with racing for a while.  Like I said, I enjoy the race itself but I’m just over it.  I really like spinning and weight training a lot more. Plus, I don’t see changes in my body with running.  I do with everything else.  So why continue to push myself to do something I don’t enjoy?!  Is there something (fitness related or not) that you continue to push yourself to do, even when you don’t enjoy it?  Why do you still do it?  I just think I should enjoy my workouts.  And I really enjoyed the impromptu run I did yesterday morning.  I can’t wait to get back to the point where I run because I want to.

After a 2 mile run and church, we had a “cousin day.”  My cousin Gracie is about to leave for Lander University to start college so we all wanted to get together one last time.  Lander isn’t that far away but when you’re used to being within 5-10 minutes of your family members, it’s a long way.  I have to say how grateful I am for my cousins.  I’m the oldest of 16 grand kids and we all make a point to keep in touch and stay close.  We all piled in the car and headed to Buffalo Wild Wings for lunch.

photo[1]2Megan was there too but she was behind the car trying to fix one of the third row seats.  Sorry I left you out of the pic, Megs.  I really don’t know how this came about but after lunch and some running around, we ended up doing this…

photo[1]I haven’t had that much fun in a long time.  Just good ol’ family fun.  My grandparents live across the street from the yard we were in so they came over and brought more dish soap.  Then some aunts and uncles showed up.  My grandparents called them just to tell them to come over and watch all of us act like fools.  I think we ranged in age from 11-25.  It was a blast.  Matt wasn’t there to join me but that’s because he was working on his golf game.  All in all, it was a great weekend spent with family.  Just wish I had another day to lay around and get some rest!!




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Feeling forty-nine.

Today is a very special day…my dad’s 49th birthday!!  I can’t wait for next year. His 50th will surely include a throw-down celebration but for this year, he wants to keep it low-key.  We are just having dinner at the house and my step-mom and nephew are baking him a cake today.  My nephew absolutely adores his Papa. Seeing them together gets me so excited about the Bryant-Spires baby future (and no, not anytime soon :)).

My dad and I have a great relationship.  He has always been more of the “friend parent” than the disciplinary parent. That was/is mom’s job.  My dad has always been the one I can be 100% truthful with and he has and always will be my #1 fan…whether I’m right or wrong.  He has always made it so easy to come to him about anything. That can be good and bad but he knows how to give me a reality check when I need it.  I am his only biological child and I’m a girl…so that has always given me some leverage.


This is one of my most favorite wedding pictures. (I was also basically having a panic attack and he was laughing at me)

photo[4]Remember…any excuse to post wedding pics is a great excuse.  But I can’t wait to celebrate my dad this evening and getting to eat a homemade cake by my nephew is always a plus.  This does mean I won’t get a chance to workout today but I’m totally okay with that.  I was able to get a good walk/run in yesterday and I already have gym plans for Wednesday and Thursday this week.

So yeah, yesterday.  I’m such a ditz.  I didn’t realize that the gym had changed it’s schedule yesterday and wasn’t have its usual Spin/TRX class.  Wait, that part doesn’t really matter.  Even thinking the usual class was still on for yesterday, I totally left my tennis shoes at home on purpose so I wouldn’t have to go to TRX after spin.  Yep, I’m a criminal.  I use spin shoes so I rarely take my tennis shoes with me.  Well, turns out that the gym was offering a special 45 minute Shockwave class that I really wanted to try; however, as you can assume, you need tennis shoes for this class.  So then I thought, “maybe I can make it to Gold’s for a RPM or Body Pump class.”  Nope, I wouldn’t make it in time from work, considering I work 30 minutes away from home.  Then I just decided I would hit the Greenway (our local outstanding paved trail that you have access to at basically any end of our little city).  I didn’t want to take that trail on alone because again, I’m a perfect kidnapping candidate.  So I called up my friend Gary and asked if he wanted to join.  He said he was planning on it anyway so he scooped me up and on we went.  We did some great power walking and then ran on the way back.  No, don’t ask me how far we went because I didn’t use my GPS watch or any of the apps on my phone.  I’m a genius.

The Greenway ends up wrapping around this cute neighborhood that includes some cafes and other shops.  We stopped at one of the cafes on our way back and sat outside with a few beers.  I decided to try something I’ve never had…

photo[23It was delish.  I really like trying different beer(s) (is that like deer or do I make it plural?).  The weather was perfect out and it was a great way to end the day. Then I went home to find my youngest brother’s wedding invitation in the mail!

photo[2]The invitations are so sweet.  Unfortunately, they are military and I have found that our soldiers that want to get married end up having to do so on crazy dates and at crazy times.  So they are getting married on a Wednesday…in California. Which means that Matt and I won’t make it.  He started a new job a few months ago and doesn’t have vacation time accrued yet.  And I don’t have enough time left for the year to take off almost a full week.  So maybe my dad can FaceTime us or something.  It really bums me out that we can’t make the trip.  Have you ever had to deal with a situation like this?  Keeping the family together is getting harder and harder.  I have one brother in Texas and one in New Mexico, and it’s not a quick trip to get to either of those places.  One day soon we will all be back in the same state but until then, it honestly just sucks.

Well, I’m out to tackle this Tuesday.  Counting down the hours to birthday cake and playing with my sweet nephew. Since I am not getting a workout in today, I’m planning to go to RPM in the morning.  Okay, not planning, I am going. Hold me to it!




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