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How The Grinch Restored Christmas

Happy Friday, y’all.  We made it.  It has been a looooong week.  Guess we were spoiled by the holiday last week, huh? This morning, I was up and at ’em early for a Chamber breakfast.  There is a program or speaker each month and for December, the Chamber always promotes the importance of supporting non-profit organizations, especially during this time of year.  Today, the program was How The Grinch Restored Christmas.  Organizations such as Golden Harvest Food Bank and The Salvation Army all participated in telling us a wonderful Christmas story.

photo 1 (7)

Stink, stank, stunk!

photo 2 (7)

This was one sexy Grinch.  All of the participants did a wonderful job and it was a great way to start a Friday.  They told such a sweet story and it’s true…we really do need to remember that non-profits need our support more than ever.  I’m a firm believer in charitable giving.  I also believe you have to do your research on the organization first!

Anyway, I thought I would share some really random facts with you today. There is absolutely nothing substantial to read here so feel free to stop reading.

This is what my hair looks like if I don’t straighten it.



Cats, 1.  Water bottle, 0.  We reached a record in our household, though.  The tree skirt stayed down for 3 whole days this year!  We are usually lucky to have it down for 30 minutes before they start their decoration destruction.  I felt like a winning mom when I put the water bottle down in front of the tree skirt this year.  I thought I had found a sure-fire solution to our decoration destruction problem.  You made it 3 days, cat mom.  Good job.

photo 2 (8) photo 3 (5)

My husband is a damn good cook.  He brought the Japanese to the house last night.  And by “brought,” I mean he actually made it.  Fresh veggies and all.  He even bought some Yum Yum Sauce.  You know, white sauce at the Japanese restaurant.  This could have been healthy…until I drowned it in Yum Yum.

photo 5 (3)

And this is my cool new trivet.  I ordered this from a coworker’s kid.  I actually think I purchased this with the intent of gifting it but I realized it’s super cool and I need it.  We really do need more than one trivet.  Especially with all that cooking I do…

photo 4 (4)


All the wine I drank in order to get these corks was well worth it.  See, start projects that need you to drink.  That’s the key…but drink responsibly.

Well, that’s a wrap for me today.  One of my very dear friends, Beth, gave birth to her second sweet baby girl this morning.  Emily weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces, and has a head full of curly dark hair.  I can’t wait to meet her after work today! Have a great Friday 🙂



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Fall can only mean one thing…

Family, Food, and Football!

Thursday marked the beginning of college football season for many South Carolinians.  But Saturday marked the beginning for me.  There aren’t a lot of things that I feel true passion for…I’m not exactly passionate about my job or stuff that you really want to feel passionate about.  But I am passionate about Georgia football.  I’m passionate about the SEC period.  Seriously, it’s a scientific fact…the SEC is the best in the country 🙂

“Why do you cheer for Georgia?  You went to college at Carolina…why would you not root for them?”  Okay…first of all, I didn’t go to Carolina.  I went to the University of South Carolina IN AIKEN.  Our mascot was a Pacer, not a Gamecock.  Second of all, there are UGA graduates in my family and I was born this way.  It wasn’t a choice I made one day…it’s in my blood and has been since day 1.  My dad has a “Georgia Room.”  The entire thing is covered in UGA stuff.  The carpet is red for goodness sake.  Now that we are clear on that, I just wanted to show you how intense the obsession with red and black has been in my life…

photo (40)

I’ll buy you a cheeseburger if you can pick me out…

photo (35)

Rockin’ those reverse-matching red & black pocket tees (and some cute little photobombers in the back)

photo (34)

Matt is his sexiest when I can get him into some UGA gear 😉

photo (41)

21st birthday spent at the “World’s Largest Cocktail Party…” the Georgia v. Florida game. My family had this banner hanging from the front of the motorhome.

photo (36)

I had to throw this one in there. See, I am nice to Matt sometimes.

photo (39) photo (42) photo (37) photo (38)

Friday night, we hit up our usual Mexican place…Chunky and I were decked out in our red and black.  That’s usually what I do on Fridays during football season.


I woke up Saturday ready for war.

photo (19)

Unfortunately, my Dawgs didn’t pull off the W against the Clemson Tigers….got ’em by 3 points.  I actually wasn’t as mad about the loss as I thought I would be (the Mich Ultra helped).  Now next weekend is a whole different story.  The Georgia-Carolina rivalry is super intense and that is one game that generally no one can predict.  No matter how good or bad either teams have been playing, they both go in with some crazy mindset and end up looking like hot mess express all over the field.  Since they are playing in Athens, I’m hoping the at-home adrenaline will help the Dawgs pull it off.  We are going to Dusty and Tori’s to watch the game and all I can say is that I am requesting prayer.  Most people there will be Carolina fans.  Woosah, Logan…woosah.

Matt (the Tiger fan that he is) was really nice to me all night.  He never smarted-off or anything.  That is, until we woke up on Sunday.  I don’t know why he decided to give me hell the day after but he did.  (Oh, and big thanks to Presley and Ryne for having us over to watch the game.  Delicious eats and inappropriate conversations…as always!)

We actually just got home from Sumter.  Yesterday, we headed up there to spend some time with one of my best friends, his wife, and their little boy.

photo (1)


So, that’s what I’ve been up to all weekend.  We had such a great time.  Jax will be a year old in exactly one month!  We slept in the baby’s room.  He only woke up once early this morning so I found his paci and put him in the bed with us.  Whoops…baby fever is back.

Happy Labor Day, my friends!  Notice that I never mentioned working out in this post…you can read between the lines. Hope you have been able to take the day off and relax!!




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Thursday thoughts.

photo (32)I couldn’t tell you one song Miranda Lambert sings but I can tell you that I love this quote.  I saw this on a friend’s Instagram yesterday and I had to nab it. Preach on, Miranda, preach on.  I am just not the type of girl to sacrifice my beer or chicken-fried steak either.  YOLO people…and yes, I did just say that. Don’t overdo it but damn, don’t make yourselves miserable.  I really don’t know why I brought this up.  I saw the quote and I know people that are way too miserable in life because they won’t indulge a little.  Like I said, YOLO.

photo (33)Damn you Miley, damn you.  Molly follows me everywhere now because of you. And yes, frugal Logan spent $10 on a car wash.  Look, my car was desperate, it was the only place around on my lunch break, and I get the hook-up all the time at the car wash.  Paying once won’t kill me…

On to more important things, I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  My dad leaves for California tomorrow to go see my step-brother put a ring on it next week, so we spent some quality time together playing Golden Tee and knocking a few back.  I’ll sacrifice a workout for that time any day.  Especially when it’s with family.  I also won’t get a workout in tonight because I’ll be going to small group.  So it looks like I’ll be getting up for a 5:30 am class tomorrow!  (Side note: the link you may or may not have just clicked on has lost my pictures.  I don’t know what’s happened but if you choose to read the boring post without the pictures, I thank you.)

Oh, one other thing, my soul sister Presley  is looking for some running partners for the ZOOMA half in January.  The ZOOMA race was my first half and I absolutely loved it.  Lots of wine, champagne, snacks, massages, and recovery yoga afterwards.  This is totally the race for you.  Plus, Presley and I are a blast in a glass so we obviously had a great time.  Unfortunately, I won’t make it next year!  My step-brother (the one getting married) is also having a baby and they are due late January.  The race and their due date is just too close for comfort.  Matt and I are planning to get wind of the baby’s birth and hop on a plane to Texas the next weekend.  So, check out Presley’s blog for more ZOOMA info and a discount code for the race.  You won’t regret it!!




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Sunday Funday.

Sunday was definitely a fun day.  But before we go there, here is a recap of Saturday night’s shenanigans…

meg fly

If you recall, I mentioned we were going to meet up with my dad and stepmom for a bit Saturday evening and then head to Dusty and Tori’s house.  My cousin noticed a few buggies flying in the house from people coming in and out, so of course, Megan finds a fly swatter and gets busy.

me and meg

Me, Megan, and Tori

Me, Megan, and Tori

We had a great time.  Thanks to Tori and Dusty for having us, providing food, and I suppose I can mention the jello shots…

Sunday morning, I woke up and ate my breakfast…

foodI must explain how clever I am.  Saturday morning, Matt and I were hungry so we got biscuits for breakfast.  I decided I would cut my chicken biscuit in half and save some hash browns because I knew I would want it on Sunday morning. Fabulous idea, if I do say so myself.

Since Megan’s birthday is this Wednesday and she will be on a CRUISE (without me!), we decided to have brunch yesterday with a group of friends to celebrate.  I mean, we kinda celebrated all weekend but this was the “official” deal. Since we sat outside downtown, Megan brought her new puppy to hang out with us…

me and nugHe doesn’t have a name yet.  I keep calling him Puppy Nugget.  Don’t ask why.  There is never a reasonable explanation for my quirky ways.  Matt played golf while we went to brunch so we met back up at his dad’s for dinner last night. Then I unfortunately had to see that ridiculous performance by Miley Cyrus…I was and still am embarrassed for America.  Be crazy, have fun, but be respectable.

So, as you can conclude for yourselves, I did not work out at all this weekend!  I just enjoyed some fun times and lived it up.  I’m sure you’ve noticed but I love to have a good time.  Can’t blame me for that…we only live once.  I’m 25, done with school, and child free (for now).  We  better enjoy times like these while we can! I am really enjoying this time alone with Matt.  Throughout our entire relationship. one or both of us has been in school.  Now that we are done, we are finally enjoying being a married couple with no responsibilities (except for the bills, of course).  I truly look forward to the day we become parents but for now, I just want to be US.  Thank God I have friends with kids and a niece and nephew of my own…they help take care of my baby fix and I love being a part of their lives!!  🙂

I’m off to tackle this Monday.  I will be teaching spin tonight and Ripped Ride tomorrow, so playlists are coming soon! Have a great day!


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Friday & Saturday.

Heyyyy party people.  Hope you had a fun Friday night.  I did no working out of the sort…unless you count dancing at the old people bar a workout.  Hey, I did get my glisten on.  Oh and I saw this on the way home from work yesterday…

miataI first thought, “Oh no!  They were loading up their trash to take to the dump and forgot about a bag.  Hope it doesn’t fly off, hit my car, and pollute the world!” But no, they did this intentionally.  It was tied to the car.  This, my friends, is why you don’t buy Matchbox size cars for the real world.  It doesn’t work. Unless you count that trash setup as working. #rantover

After Matt got home from work, we headed to where we typically go on Friday nights, El Alazan.  It’s been our favorite Mexican place for years, despite the fact it is a good 15 minute or longer drive.  Who cares…best Mex around!

Matt and Chunky

Matt and Chunky

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Then we were off to our local old people bar.  I love old people hangouts.  By old, I mean my parents’ age and up.  I don’t think that is actually old but that’s just how we call it around here.  Anyway, this particular bar/dance club has been managed by a dozen different people and been given a dozen different names.  We kinda think it sucks now.  It used to be a lot of fun but now, not so much.  Since we had to pay a cover, though, we made the most of it and danced our booties off.  This bar isn’t downtown so that is really the only reason we go there.  Sometimes we like to stay away from downtown bars.

me bess linds

Bess, Lindsey, and me!

We had a great night out with friends and then we were up this morning to head to my friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday party…

Me and Beth Ann

Me and Beth Ann

Matt with baby Kinley

Matt with baby Kinley

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Now we are home.  Matt is napping, I’m blogging and doing laundry (simultaneously–yes, I’m that good), and we are waiting on my dad to meet up with us for a few drinks.  Then we are off to Dusty and Tori’s house!  Doesn’t look like I will get a workout in today but I’m okay with that…there’s always Sunday!!  🙂





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Back in My Groove

Whew, we made it through another Monday.  I always think, what if Monday was named something else?…would it still be dreaded as much?  Answer to that is yes.  I know, stupid thought.  Anyway, I woke up feeling like myself again today and I knew I had plenty to catch up on at work.  Despite meetings all afternoon, I got a lot accomplished.

Yesterday, Matt and I went for a bike ride after church and lunch.  I know I teach spin as part of my living, but I totally suck at riding a real bike.  It’s like I am seven years old all over again every single time.  Matt always makes fun of me.  He doesn’t understand how I can teach spin but not ride a real bike very well.  It’s completely different, obviously.  And because your posture is so much different on a spin bike than a mountain bike (or maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing), my (cough cough…area) and back were killing me instantly.  It was my idea though, so I sucked it up and off we went…

ImageYes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I am sporting a Michelob Ultra bike.  I wish I could say that they really like my investment in their product and offered me this bike as a token of their appreciation, but no, Matt won it in a golf tournament.  It’s not a bad bike…pretty snazzy if I say so myself.Image

After our bike ride, we grabbed our coupon book and hit up our favorite Mexican place.  After not eating much for a few days, I was having a serious craving.  Matt wanted to cook at home but after some sad faces and pouting, he caved 🙂

Today, I got a lot done at work and decided to go visit with one of my best friends and her niece.  I haven’t seen Mayci since she was just born last October so I was due for a visit!

ImageNow I’m off to eat whatever Chef Spires is whipping up.  I’m planning to get up for Body Pump in the AM.  Let’s see how that goes!  Hope y’all had a great Monday!


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Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I have something I really want to discuss…priorities.  But I just don’t have the time to get my thoughts together on that today.  See, I’m prioritizing…spend my lunch break blogging or actually eat.  Helllloooo, I’m gonna eat.  So here are some random thoughts I have had throughout the day that may give you a little more insight into who Logan really is…or it may cause you to unsubscribe due to you finding out how weird I am.

1.  My favorite LUNA bar is Blueberry Bliss.

2.  We went grocery shopping last night…I instantly feel more organized because we have food in the house.

3.  I want to have a baby…sometimes.  Daily struggle, which means I shouldn’t have one yet.

4.  I’m upset that Shark Week is over.

5.  I wish Jason would have shot that psycho Sarah on True Blood.  Why must people be nice?!  (which leads us to #6…)

6.  I kinda want to be a vampire.

7.  I found out Ashton Kutcher is 35.  And that Ashton isn’t his first name; it’s his middle name.  Hmmm…

8.  My favorite station on Pandora is AWOLNATION.

9.  I am currently really stressed about money.  I think we are going to embark on the Dave Ramsey journey soon…

10.  I wish I knew I could look hot bald.  I’d shave my head right now.

11.  I really want a tattoo.  Matt says no.  So should I listen?  Or just get it and let him be mad and get over it?  Why am I such a chicken…

12.  I kinda want to move…away…from my hometown.  Just for a bit to see how it feels, considering I’ve never moved before.

13.  I really want to be a news anchor.  But I sound way too Southern for that, y’all.

14.  I ate Pizza Hut last night.  And it was amazing.  I also only ate 2 slices which made me proud of myself.

15.  Sushi from Kroger was a bad choice.  Yes, I still ate it.  Hell, I spent $9 on it.

16.  I wanna be friends with Robin Thicke 😉

17.  The 30 weightless squats I did before bed last night were an absolute waste of time.

18.  And finally, I wish I could dress like this every day…

photo (16)2Let’s call this post what it really is…pointless.  In any event, thanks for reading 🙂  Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!!



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