spinningINTOcontrol is based on the fact that I am a spin instructor at Oxygen Fitness Studio.  And the fact that my friend Presley basically came up with the snazzy little name 🙂

spinningINTOcontrol is where I want to talk about myself…joking?  No, isn’t that what blogging is for?!   On a serious note, staying in shape, working full time, being married (another job in itself), being a crazy cat lady, maintaining a home, sharing time with family AND friends, eating, and oh yeah, sleeping, is a ton of work.  Are there really enough hours in the day to make all of that happen and more?  Nope.  I have enjoyed reading my friends’ blogs…about their struggles, victories, fun times, bad times, and about what they’ve learned from all of it.  Most of all, when I read a friend’s blog, I can still keep up with their life regardless of whether we’ve talked in a week or not.  With all of that being said, the purpose of this blog is to help others, teach others, learn from others, be informative, and most of all, act as my own method of therapy.  My life tends to spin out of control (a lot), so keep up with me as I try to constantly spin it back INTO control.

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  1. followed you on Instagram too 🙂

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