Dancing with the Stars…

Friday is once again upon us.  And much to my delight, it’s a 3-day weekend for this girl!  I’ve already got a massage booked for Monday morning…I’m going to take full advantage of my extra day off.  So, here’s a fun Friday fact about Logan…I am participating in Dancing with the Aiken Stars this year.  It’s our town’s version of the obvious.  I was asked to participate in a group number and jumped on the opportunity.  I danced (ballet, tap, jazz, pointe) from the time I was 3 until about 21.  It has been a looooong time since I’ve been on stage so a little wine and possibly a mild tranquilizer will be necessary for pre-show prep. But hey, it’s all in fun and for a great cause…all of the proceeds from the night will be donated to the local Child Advocacy Center.  They really do so much for the lost and impoverished children in our community.

You will hear me talk about dance practice a lot in the future.  Six weeks to go and I wish I could say we are polishing the routine now, but nah.  Not yet.  We had practice last night at 8 pm.  Since I work in Aiken and practice was in Aiken, but I live 30 minutes away, I decided to work a little late, run 3 miles, and drink a couple beers with the dance crew before practice.  Hey, it helps us get a little more outgoing during practice…don’t judge me.  I didn’t get home until 10–I should seriously consider sleeping at the office and saving gas.

Tomorrow, I have a sweet little girl’s birthday party to attend and then I’m heading to Columbia with the girls.  So that means tonight is all about some QT with the hubby.  We’ll probably go to a nice restaurant and for a stroll downtown. Maybe even grab some chocolate covered strawberries for dessert and buy some flowers for the house.  OR I’ll just be honest and tell you that we will probably eat Mexican food, he will play Playstation, and I’ll watch the Miley Movement again and drink box wine (by the way, watch it if you haven’t…new respect for this girl–she can twerk all day if she wants in my book).

Y’all make this Friday awesome!!  And married people, or even dating people, what is a typical date like with your significant other?  And don’t fluff…we all know the truth 😉

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3 responses to “Dancing with the Stars…

  1. We usually like to go out to one of our favorite places for date night–either a local place of a yummy chain like Cheesecake Factory or Seasons 52! We have plenty of “at home” date nights where we order pizza, watch DVDs of one of our favorite tv shows, and pass out. lol

  2. We try to go downtown for our dates, but coffee and dessert are essentials!

  3. Usually we consider going out to be a date…but many a Saturday is spent with me doing blog things and him playing video games. 😉

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