Color Run – Birthdays – See ya Laters

Whoa…what a busy weekend we’ve had!  Here’s a short recap…

photo 1 (5)

Before and after the Color Run.

photo 2 (3)

The “Color Me Oxygen” team.

photo 4

Fun with Allison.

photo 1 (3)

Spotted by official Color Run photog during the after party.

This was my second color run.  I ran my first last October in Columbia.  It was absolutely freezing this time last year (okay, if you live in the South and you’re used to this weather, you would have thought it was freezing).  Color Me Rad put on last year’s race.  I thought the race in Columbia was more fun but the after party in Augusta was slammin’.  I’m still trying to get blue paint off my body.  For some reason, the blue really likes me.  I have blue armpits, blue ear gook, and some blue tint in my hair.  Oh well…everyone just thinks my husband beats me.

After the Color Run, I headed to a precious little boy’s 1st birthday party…

photo 3 (3)This is Jax.  He is the son of my best bud in the world, Kyle.  We have been friends for 21 years.  He, his wife, and son are moving on Tuesday to Ohio…it’s been an emotional roller coaster of a weekend for me with that in mind.

After the birthday party, we had a grown-up party to spend some more time with them before they move…

photo (36)This crew gets together just about every time Kyle is in town.  He is the one in the middle wearing that beautiful Carolina jersey.  These are some of my oldest friends–the “Original Crew.”

Today, Matt played golf and I went to my cousin’s 21st birthday lunch at a local steakhouse…

1378028_537879982949417_2041893479_nphoto 1 (4)photo 2 (4)And yes, I totally indulged in the cookie cake.  One of my favorite combinations…cookies and icing!!

We were constantly on the go this weekend and now we are finally winding down…blogging and watching Boardwalk Empire.  Oh how I wish I had just one more day off…

Have you ever ran a color run?  Oh, and if anyone owns a jet pack or knows a pilot that can give me the hookup, let me know.  I keep telling myself that Ohio is only 8 hours away…just 8 hours…



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4 responses to “Color Run – Birthdays – See ya Laters

  1. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    That color run looks like so much fun! I signed up for one but had to back out because of an injury. Maybe next year!

  2. Such fun pictures from the color run! I’ve never done one- not a runner. I’ve tried but prefer cycling much more!

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