Fun Facts Friday!!

For whatever reason, I woke up on the exceptionally happy side of the bed this morning, despite having to get up at 5:00 am for a Chamber breakfast.  Maybe if I treated working out in the mornings as seriously as my job, I would actually do it more often.

After our last gym staff meeting, our manager sent out a questionnaire that he asked us to answer and return to him.  I assume this info will be used on the gym’s website but I’m not quite sure yet.  Heck, he may have just wanted to know more about us 🙂  I thought I would share the questionnaire with you and the answers I provided…

Who are you?
My name is Logan.  I’m 25 years old and currently reside in North Augusta, SC with my husband Matt.  I work in the marketing department of a bank, where I have been employed for 5 years, and my husband works at Cintas.  We have no children but we do have 2 cats, Smokey and Cali (crazy cat lady at your service).
What do you do outside of Oxygen?
Besides my full-time marketing job, I also sell Mary Kay and I’m an amateur blogger.  I’m an Ambassador with the Greater Aiken Chamber of Commerce and I’m a member of the Aiken Young Professionals group.  I love UGA football and driving my Clemson-loving husband crazy.  My favorite way to spend my time is with family…period.  No matter what we’re doing, it’s always a good time.
3 adjectives that describe you?
Witty, personable, and hard-headed–I choose not to use the term “stubborn” because it sounds negative 🙂
 What’s your favorite thing about Oxygen?
My favorite thing about Oxygen is how I have watched the gym grow over the past few years.  I also love that the gym is a studio and not a big-box gym.  We are a big family–instructors and clients alike!
If you were the star of a TV show, what would be your theme song?
I can’t help but freak out every time I hear the song Applause by Lady Gaga…but if I were a wrestler (not a TV star) and I could have my own “coming out” music, it would be The Next Episode by Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.
Guilty Pleasure?
Definitely eating Mexican and drinking beer.  And I tend to stay up for hours watching Vine videos.
Favorite piece of Oxygen retail? 
Definitely my over-sized white long-sleeve top by Alo…and the sparkly headbands are the
Who is your celebrity crush?
Bradley Cooper.  And Matt Lauer.  I can’t choose just one.
photo (7)
What is at the top of your bucket list?
Seeing the Northern Lights, meeting Matt Lauer, and seeing Lady Gaga and Adele in concert (just not at the same time)
What is in your gym bag?
Spin shoes, gum, chap stick, $2, and socks
Favorite move/pose in class?
My favorite thing to do on the bike is take the body back and low and hover over the saddle.  I take any chance I have to work on the booty!  In hot yoga, I love the Warrior II pose and trying to do the Tree poses.
Real cute in motion action here...

Real cute in motion action here…

Why don’t you take a stab at a few of these questions?  I would love to learn more about YOU!
Have a great Friday!


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8 responses to “Fun Facts Friday!!

  1. My guilty pleasure is wine and cheese. The cheesier the cheese, the better…and the deeper the wine, the better. I would also love to do that outside in cool, but not cold air.

  2. Guilty pleasure? Gelato, crab cakes, and cobbler. Not all together.
    Theme song? Let The Groove Get In by JT 🙂

  3. I’m so glad you said the vine thing. I stay up way too late watching those videos sometimes! My celebrity crush would have to be Patrick Dempsey, he has aged so well!

  4. YES for cats! They are the best 🙂 And my favorite celebrities are Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Andrew McMahon. Also, my guilty pleasure is probably spending hours upon hours on youtube. Oops 😉

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