Thursday thoughts.

photo (32)I couldn’t tell you one song Miranda Lambert sings but I can tell you that I love this quote.  I saw this on a friend’s Instagram yesterday and I had to nab it. Preach on, Miranda, preach on.  I am just not the type of girl to sacrifice my beer or chicken-fried steak either.  YOLO people…and yes, I did just say that. Don’t overdo it but damn, don’t make yourselves miserable.  I really don’t know why I brought this up.  I saw the quote and I know people that are way too miserable in life because they won’t indulge a little.  Like I said, YOLO.

photo (33)Damn you Miley, damn you.  Molly follows me everywhere now because of you. And yes, frugal Logan spent $10 on a car wash.  Look, my car was desperate, it was the only place around on my lunch break, and I get the hook-up all the time at the car wash.  Paying once won’t kill me…

On to more important things, I haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  My dad leaves for California tomorrow to go see my step-brother put a ring on it next week, so we spent some quality time together playing Golden Tee and knocking a few back.  I’ll sacrifice a workout for that time any day.  Especially when it’s with family.  I also won’t get a workout in tonight because I’ll be going to small group.  So it looks like I’ll be getting up for a 5:30 am class tomorrow!  (Side note: the link you may or may not have just clicked on has lost my pictures.  I don’t know what’s happened but if you choose to read the boring post without the pictures, I thank you.)

Oh, one other thing, my soul sister Presley  is looking for some running partners for the ZOOMA half in January.  The ZOOMA race was my first half and I absolutely loved it.  Lots of wine, champagne, snacks, massages, and recovery yoga afterwards.  This is totally the race for you.  Plus, Presley and I are a blast in a glass so we obviously had a great time.  Unfortunately, I won’t make it next year!  My step-brother (the one getting married) is also having a baby and they are due late January.  The race and their due date is just too close for comfort.  Matt and I are planning to get wind of the baby’s birth and hop on a plane to Texas the next weekend.  So, check out Presley’s blog for more ZOOMA info and a discount code for the race.  You won’t regret it!!





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