Honey Waffle.

I knew that title would grab your attention.  Yesterday, on my way to teach spin, I ate one of these for the first time…

honeyOh my goodness, did I love this or what?!  It was delicious!  This was the only flavor available at the store so I just bought one to try it out, but I’ll definitely be buying more.

Last night’s class was half spin and half TRX, so I only taught a 30 minute class. Here’s the playlist I used from an intense, quick warm-up to cool-down.  The very last song was just used as background noise as everyone was gearing up for TRX.  I like to do that with each playlist…I always have a song I play while everyone is getting set-up on the bikes and then I have an “extra” cool-down song at the end while everyone is leaving.  Basically, I just hate silence.


Here’s a look at my view from the bike…this is only half of the room because I found out yesterday that I suck at taking panorama shots on my phone.

spinI also saw this new sign in the changing room at the gym and it put a big smile on my face before class…

scremWe had a fun class yesterday.  I’m looking forward to teaching Ripped Ride today.  Might even play that Wretches & Kings song by Linkin Park again…I’m hooked!  Be sure to check out the following pages for playlist ideas…I am trying to update them as often as possible.  I have so much music to go through!!




I thought about adding warm-up and cool-down music pages as well.  I hope these are helpful with your class planning! In all honesty, no matter what kind of workout you do, you can use this music.  I think they are all motivational, get-your-butt-in-gear kind of songs!




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