Sunday Funday.

Sunday was definitely a fun day.  But before we go there, here is a recap of Saturday night’s shenanigans…

meg fly

If you recall, I mentioned we were going to meet up with my dad and stepmom for a bit Saturday evening and then head to Dusty and Tori’s house.  My cousin noticed a few buggies flying in the house from people coming in and out, so of course, Megan finds a fly swatter and gets busy.

me and meg

Me, Megan, and Tori

Me, Megan, and Tori

We had a great time.  Thanks to Tori and Dusty for having us, providing food, and I suppose I can mention the jello shots…

Sunday morning, I woke up and ate my breakfast…

foodI must explain how clever I am.  Saturday morning, Matt and I were hungry so we got biscuits for breakfast.  I decided I would cut my chicken biscuit in half and save some hash browns because I knew I would want it on Sunday morning. Fabulous idea, if I do say so myself.

Since Megan’s birthday is this Wednesday and she will be on a CRUISE (without me!), we decided to have brunch yesterday with a group of friends to celebrate.  I mean, we kinda celebrated all weekend but this was the “official” deal. Since we sat outside downtown, Megan brought her new puppy to hang out with us…

me and nugHe doesn’t have a name yet.  I keep calling him Puppy Nugget.  Don’t ask why.  There is never a reasonable explanation for my quirky ways.  Matt played golf while we went to brunch so we met back up at his dad’s for dinner last night. Then I unfortunately had to see that ridiculous performance by Miley Cyrus…I was and still am embarrassed for America.  Be crazy, have fun, but be respectable.

So, as you can conclude for yourselves, I did not work out at all this weekend!  I just enjoyed some fun times and lived it up.  I’m sure you’ve noticed but I love to have a good time.  Can’t blame me for that…we only live once.  I’m 25, done with school, and child free (for now).  We  better enjoy times like these while we can! I am really enjoying this time alone with Matt.  Throughout our entire relationship. one or both of us has been in school.  Now that we are done, we are finally enjoying being a married couple with no responsibilities (except for the bills, of course).  I truly look forward to the day we become parents but for now, I just want to be US.  Thank God I have friends with kids and a niece and nephew of my own…they help take care of my baby fix and I love being a part of their lives!!  🙂

I’m off to tackle this Monday.  I will be teaching spin tonight and Ripped Ride tomorrow, so playlists are coming soon! Have a great day!



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