Friday & Saturday.

Heyyyy party people.  Hope you had a fun Friday night.  I did no working out of the sort…unless you count dancing at the old people bar a workout.  Hey, I did get my glisten on.  Oh and I saw this on the way home from work yesterday…

miataI first thought, “Oh no!  They were loading up their trash to take to the dump and forgot about a bag.  Hope it doesn’t fly off, hit my car, and pollute the world!” But no, they did this intentionally.  It was tied to the car.  This, my friends, is why you don’t buy Matchbox size cars for the real world.  It doesn’t work. Unless you count that trash setup as working. #rantover

After Matt got home from work, we headed to where we typically go on Friday nights, El Alazan.  It’s been our favorite Mexican place for years, despite the fact it is a good 15 minute or longer drive.  Who cares…best Mex around!

Matt and Chunky

Matt and Chunky

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Meg and I enjoying our jumbo.

Then we were off to our local old people bar.  I love old people hangouts.  By old, I mean my parents’ age and up.  I don’t think that is actually old but that’s just how we call it around here.  Anyway, this particular bar/dance club has been managed by a dozen different people and been given a dozen different names.  We kinda think it sucks now.  It used to be a lot of fun but now, not so much.  Since we had to pay a cover, though, we made the most of it and danced our booties off.  This bar isn’t downtown so that is really the only reason we go there.  Sometimes we like to stay away from downtown bars.

me bess linds

Bess, Lindsey, and me!

We had a great night out with friends and then we were up this morning to head to my friend’s little girl’s 1st birthday party…

Me and Beth Ann

Me and Beth Ann

Matt with baby Kinley

Matt with baby Kinley

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Baby K really enjoyed her cake!

Now we are home.  Matt is napping, I’m blogging and doing laundry (simultaneously–yes, I’m that good), and we are waiting on my dad to meet up with us for a few drinks.  Then we are off to Dusty and Tori’s house!  Doesn’t look like I will get a workout in today but I’m okay with that…there’s always Sunday!!  🙂






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  1. Matchbox cars… lol. An old people bar sounds about my speed!

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