10 More Days!

That’s right…if you live in the South Carolina/Georgia area, you know exactly what I’m talking about…

photo (19)

Our house is super divided…I’m a Georgia fan and Matt is a Clemson fan.  To be honest, I would much rather live with a Clemson fan than a Carolina fan.  The Georgia/Carolina rivalry is way too intense for me to handle under one roof. We were really hoping to go to the game next weekend but we aren’t having any luck finding tickets that wouldn’t require us to sell an organ on the black market. This is a game I am dying to go to because Georgia and Clemson only play each other every 10 years!  But, we may just get together with friends and family (as I’m sure we will every Saturday until January) and watch the game as it should be watched–with friends, family, food, and lots of beer.

On another random note, this is what Chef Spires made for dinner Monday night…

photo (20)

Okay, see, this is why I’m still weird about taking pictures of my food…I just think this is awkward.  I also feel awkward taking pictures of my food in public.  I know, bloggers do it all the time.  I’m just not there yet.  I feel so uncomfortable doing that.  “Wait!  Don’t touch your plate honey…I need to take a picture of it in a strange way so the entire restaurant thinks we’re weirdos.”  I’m sure I will get over it eventually.  Hell, give me a few drinks and I’ll be taking pictures of everything.  In any event, our sausage with peppers and onions was delish.  We even had enough leftover for me to make 2 lunches out of it!

Yesterday, my friend Nicole and I planned to meet up for zumba after work.  I ended up having to work late and had a really stressful day.  The air in our office went out and it was like 85 degrees in there all day so I was just fed up and ready for a few cold beers after all that.  It really is a struggle after a day like that…workout or go relax with a few cold ones?  I chose the latter.  I did, however, make myself get up for a 5:30 spin class this morning.  Yay me!  I knew I wouldn’t be able to work out tonight because we are going to a birthday dinner, so I would have really been feeling bad about myself going 3 days with no workout.  Plus, I woke up from an insane dream and couldn’t go back to sleep. All I will tell you about my dream was it involved being woken up by the house alarm going off, Matt walking around the house with a weapon, me going to potty while he looked for the intruder, and then I found the intruder…an old lady was hiding in the shower and grabbed my neck while I was sitting on the toilet.  I kept trying to yell for Mathew but couldn’t catch my breath.  So “daddy” came out…what. the. hell.  Okay, so yeah, I just told you the entire dream.

I left spin a few minutes early, which I hate to do, but I had to get back home to get ready for work.  I think morning instructors understand that.  It doesn’t look like I’ll be teaching any spin classes this week–just taking them!  Oh and, my (cough cough, area) was still hurting as I sat on the bike this morning.  Again, I suck at riding real bikes.

It was nice to get up and get my day started.  I felt more energized this morning but I seem to be struggling this afternoon, hence the reason I’m drinking a Monster as we speak (or type).  I know, I know, I shouldn’t drink those.  To each their own.  I know I said I wanted to start working out in the morning twice a week.  Well, I’ve worked out in the morning twice in three weeks.  Hey, some progress is better than no progress, right?!  Anyway, like I mentioned earlier, we are off to Bonefish tonight to celebrate my cousin’s boyfriend’s birthday.  I am ready to tear into some Bang Bang Shrimp!  Maybe I’ll workout in the morning… 🙂


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