Back in My Groove

Whew, we made it through another Monday.  I always think, what if Monday was named something else?…would it still be dreaded as much?  Answer to that is yes.  I know, stupid thought.  Anyway, I woke up feeling like myself again today and I knew I had plenty to catch up on at work.  Despite meetings all afternoon, I got a lot accomplished.

Yesterday, Matt and I went for a bike ride after church and lunch.  I know I teach spin as part of my living, but I totally suck at riding a real bike.  It’s like I am seven years old all over again every single time.  Matt always makes fun of me.  He doesn’t understand how I can teach spin but not ride a real bike very well.  It’s completely different, obviously.  And because your posture is so much different on a spin bike than a mountain bike (or maybe I just have no idea what I’m doing), my (cough cough…area) and back were killing me instantly.  It was my idea though, so I sucked it up and off we went…

ImageYes, your eyes are not deceiving you.  I am sporting a Michelob Ultra bike.  I wish I could say that they really like my investment in their product and offered me this bike as a token of their appreciation, but no, Matt won it in a golf tournament.  It’s not a bad bike…pretty snazzy if I say so myself.Image

After our bike ride, we grabbed our coupon book and hit up our favorite Mexican place.  After not eating much for a few days, I was having a serious craving.  Matt wanted to cook at home but after some sad faces and pouting, he caved 🙂

Today, I got a lot done at work and decided to go visit with one of my best friends and her niece.  I haven’t seen Mayci since she was just born last October so I was due for a visit!

ImageNow I’m off to eat whatever Chef Spires is whipping up.  I’m planning to get up for Body Pump in the AM.  Let’s see how that goes!  Hope y’all had a great Monday!



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2 responses to “Back in My Groove

  1. I haven’t been on a real bike in ages! Sometimes I wish I had one, but in reality I know I’d probably never ride it!

  2. I love my riding my bike, but you’re right — it hurts!!

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