Random Tuesday Thoughts.

I have something I really want to discuss…priorities.  But I just don’t have the time to get my thoughts together on that today.  See, I’m prioritizing…spend my lunch break blogging or actually eat.  Helllloooo, I’m gonna eat.  So here are some random thoughts I have had throughout the day that may give you a little more insight into who Logan really is…or it may cause you to unsubscribe due to you finding out how weird I am.

1.  My favorite LUNA bar is Blueberry Bliss.

2.  We went grocery shopping last night…I instantly feel more organized because we have food in the house.

3.  I want to have a baby…sometimes.  Daily struggle, which means I shouldn’t have one yet.

4.  I’m upset that Shark Week is over.

5.  I wish Jason would have shot that psycho Sarah on True Blood.  Why must people be nice?!  (which leads us to #6…)

6.  I kinda want to be a vampire.

7.  I found out Ashton Kutcher is 35.  And that Ashton isn’t his first name; it’s his middle name.  Hmmm…

8.  My favorite station on Pandora is AWOLNATION.

9.  I am currently really stressed about money.  I think we are going to embark on the Dave Ramsey journey soon…

10.  I wish I knew I could look hot bald.  I’d shave my head right now.

11.  I really want a tattoo.  Matt says no.  So should I listen?  Or just get it and let him be mad and get over it?  Why am I such a chicken…

12.  I kinda want to move…away…from my hometown.  Just for a bit to see how it feels, considering I’ve never moved before.

13.  I really want to be a news anchor.  But I sound way too Southern for that, y’all.

14.  I ate Pizza Hut last night.  And it was amazing.  I also only ate 2 slices which made me proud of myself.

15.  Sushi from Kroger was a bad choice.  Yes, I still ate it.  Hell, I spent $9 on it.

16.  I wanna be friends with Robin Thicke 😉

17.  The 30 weightless squats I did before bed last night were an absolute waste of time.

18.  And finally, I wish I could dress like this every day…

photo (16)2Let’s call this post what it really is…pointless.  In any event, thanks for reading 🙂  Hope y’all have a great Tuesday!!




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3 responses to “Random Tuesday Thoughts.

  1. I feel the same about #3… just can’t part with my current lifestyle yet! Yes to #13 as well… it seems like such a fun job! Aaand, I’m super-jealous of #14! My Target has a “mini” Pizza Hut in it and I got a personal pan a few weeks ago… forgot how delicious it was!

    • I agree Erica. I think I’m being too selfish right now and that’s okay. We are allowed to do that! It’s the whole being selfish thing while we do have a child that we aren’t supposed to do. Think we will just take our time! Oh and you know you are fat girl status when you ordered your pizza from Pizza Hut using a coupon that you received via email. How can I try to eat healthy when I’m signed up for all these restaurant coupon emails?! haha

  2. mycrazylife10

    I want to be “friends” with Robin Thicke too! 😉

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