Death by squat.

Before I entertain you with my squat story, I must give you a recap of my Dad’s birthday.  Dinner consisted of some good ol’ Southern cookin’…meatloaf, home made mac-n-cheese, green beans with fried onions, corn on the cob, and biscuits.  I knew exactly what I was going to do.  I was hungry and I made that meal my biotch.  I knew I would overeat and be fat, happy, and miserable all in the same.  I just can’t turn down a meal like that.  And it was a special occasion…so sue me.  Of course after dinner we had to have dessert.  Kash was so excited about Papa’s candles that he wanted to do the cake deal before dinner.  We didn’t let him do that but that is totally my kind of kid…dessert before dinner so you don’t have to make room for it later!  I thought we were having cake but we ended up with peanut butter pie.  Kash was so excited.  You would have thought this was his birthday…

photo[3]Seeing how excited he was for Papa’s birthday, I can’t wait to see him celebrate his 4th in January.  I think he’s finally understanding what birthday celebrations are about!  He is also quite the character.  He kept saying “ohhhhh shooooooot, heck no!”  And he enjoys vinegar cucumbers with his pie…

photo[1]I couldn’t get over that.  Cake ended up in the cucumber bowl so we had to take it away.  Oh and before he left to go to his daddy’s, I asked him to come give me love.  He blew me a kiss and said “I can’t, I’m in a huwwy.”

I told y’all to hold me accountable and that I was getting up and going to RPM yesterday morning.  Yeah, that didn’t happen.  Thanks a lot 😉  But really, we got in bed later than usual and I was just tired.  That’s okay…I ended up at Body Pump yesterday afternoon so I don’t feel bad about that.  Speaking of Body Pump…I made sure to count squats this time.  We did 110 during the first track.  Then another 60 later on.  I could be a wuss but my butt and quads were dying to stop during that second track.  I did realize, though, that reaching the 250 squat goal isn’t insane.  It’s totally doable considering we did 170 during one Body Pump class.  I may not be reaching the daily squat goal but I think I am making up for it by doubling up in one day.  I went to a different Gold’s this time and the room was much smaller so I would have felt like a total creeper taking pictures.  So I just went with an in-the-car-selfie of the aftermath.  I would have liked to sweat more.  That’s my only compliant.



I was actually going to stay and get on the treadmill for a few minutes so I could at least leave the gym looking like I worked out but that went out the window once I checked my phone…Dad send a text saying he was playing pool and drinking a beer and wanted to know where we were at.  So you know what happened…

A while back, I went on a spill about the lack of attention from Gold’s instructors.  I was forced to change my opinion about at least one of their instructors yesterday.  She took time to check form and the class wasn’t so fast paced.  I really liked it.  Some Body Pump classes are so fast paced that you don’t have time to even get in the right stance before the next track starts.  This class went just right for me.  I will definitely be going back to her class.  I even made sure to let her know my opinion and she expressed such gratitude for that. Any of you that are fitness instructors know how good it makes you feel when a student tells you “thank you” or that they loved your class.  So keep that in mind while you’re at someone else’s class.  Make a point to compliment them.  And if you don’t have anything nice to say, maaaaybe just keep it to yourself.  Or blog it, like I did.

Oh!  Meant to tell y’all something crazy that happened…check this out…

1I took that picture through my blinds at work.  That’s a tree.  Split.  Laying on top of 5 of our employees’ cars.  What a catastrophe that was.  One car was totaled, one other might have been.  And 3 others were damaged.  Thank the good sweet Lord that no one was hurt!  And that one of the damaged cars was not mine.  One of the car owners was actually about 10 feet away from the tree when it happened.  He was walking out to his car and saw the whole thing.  Thank God he wasn’t any earlier out to his car because that would have taken this disaster to a whole ‘notha level.  Talk about an exciting Hump Day…

Tonight, I’m headed to Zumba and I’m going to try out some new kicks.  I don’t want to tell you about them just yet, in case I don’t like them.  I wanted to try a minimalist shoe for cross-training.  I can’t run in them because I need more support, but I wanted to try them out for other purposes.  I can tell you that they aren’t Nike Free Run (what I wanted).  I tried a pair on and either I have fat feet or they are made for people with narrow feet.  In any event, the Free Run isn’t for me.

Is anyone else using a minimalist shoe that they really like?




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  1. I wear Altra running shoes (sold online), and I LOVE them! They’re a minimalist shoe, but with enough support to protect my joints. For cross training, I wear Under Armour — I wasn’t sure how I’d like them, but I love them! I’m not a fan of those Nike shoes either :/.

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