Feeling forty-nine.

Today is a very special day…my dad’s 49th birthday!!  I can’t wait for next year. His 50th will surely include a throw-down celebration but for this year, he wants to keep it low-key.  We are just having dinner at the house and my step-mom and nephew are baking him a cake today.  My nephew absolutely adores his Papa. Seeing them together gets me so excited about the Bryant-Spires baby future (and no, not anytime soon :)).

My dad and I have a great relationship.  He has always been more of the “friend parent” than the disciplinary parent. That was/is mom’s job.  My dad has always been the one I can be 100% truthful with and he has and always will be my #1 fan…whether I’m right or wrong.  He has always made it so easy to come to him about anything. That can be good and bad but he knows how to give me a reality check when I need it.  I am his only biological child and I’m a girl…so that has always given me some leverage.


This is one of my most favorite wedding pictures. (I was also basically having a panic attack and he was laughing at me)

photo[4]Remember…any excuse to post wedding pics is a great excuse.  But I can’t wait to celebrate my dad this evening and getting to eat a homemade cake by my nephew is always a plus.  This does mean I won’t get a chance to workout today but I’m totally okay with that.  I was able to get a good walk/run in yesterday and I already have gym plans for Wednesday and Thursday this week.

So yeah, yesterday.  I’m such a ditz.  I didn’t realize that the gym had changed it’s schedule yesterday and wasn’t have its usual Spin/TRX class.  Wait, that part doesn’t really matter.  Even thinking the usual class was still on for yesterday, I totally left my tennis shoes at home on purpose so I wouldn’t have to go to TRX after spin.  Yep, I’m a criminal.  I use spin shoes so I rarely take my tennis shoes with me.  Well, turns out that the gym was offering a special 45 minute Shockwave class that I really wanted to try; however, as you can assume, you need tennis shoes for this class.  So then I thought, “maybe I can make it to Gold’s for a RPM or Body Pump class.”  Nope, I wouldn’t make it in time from work, considering I work 30 minutes away from home.  Then I just decided I would hit the Greenway (our local outstanding paved trail that you have access to at basically any end of our little city).  I didn’t want to take that trail on alone because again, I’m a perfect kidnapping candidate.  So I called up my friend Gary and asked if he wanted to join.  He said he was planning on it anyway so he scooped me up and on we went.  We did some great power walking and then ran on the way back.  No, don’t ask me how far we went because I didn’t use my GPS watch or any of the apps on my phone.  I’m a genius.

The Greenway ends up wrapping around this cute neighborhood that includes some cafes and other shops.  We stopped at one of the cafes on our way back and sat outside with a few beers.  I decided to try something I’ve never had…

photo[23It was delish.  I really like trying different beer(s) (is that like deer or do I make it plural?).  The weather was perfect out and it was a great way to end the day. Then I went home to find my youngest brother’s wedding invitation in the mail!

photo[2]The invitations are so sweet.  Unfortunately, they are military and I have found that our soldiers that want to get married end up having to do so on crazy dates and at crazy times.  So they are getting married on a Wednesday…in California. Which means that Matt and I won’t make it.  He started a new job a few months ago and doesn’t have vacation time accrued yet.  And I don’t have enough time left for the year to take off almost a full week.  So maybe my dad can FaceTime us or something.  It really bums me out that we can’t make the trip.  Have you ever had to deal with a situation like this?  Keeping the family together is getting harder and harder.  I have one brother in Texas and one in New Mexico, and it’s not a quick trip to get to either of those places.  One day soon we will all be back in the same state but until then, it honestly just sucks.

Well, I’m out to tackle this Tuesday.  Counting down the hours to birthday cake and playing with my sweet nephew. Since I am not getting a workout in today, I’m planning to go to RPM in the morning.  Okay, not planning, I am going. Hold me to it!





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2 responses to “Feeling forty-nine.

  1. Happy Birthday to your dad! 49 sounds so young to me… my dad is 61! lol

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