My First Early Morning Workout.

Okay, not like my first ever.  But my first real effort at an early morning workout.  And by early, I mean 5:30 am.  Some may say that’s not early, some may say it’s too early…in any event, it’s early for me.  I’ve been battling with the idea of working out before work lately.  Things come up at night from time to time that may prevent me from working out.  And it would allow me more time to be at home in the evenings.  I told you yesterday that I was going to Body Pump Express after work.  Well, that didn’t happen.  Dad called and had a little emergency so Matt and I headed over to watch the grand kids for him.  I can’t ever complain about that.  I absolutely adore my niece and nephew and I’ll take any time I can get with them, especially since Chloe will be leaving for New Mexico to be with her mommy and daddy.

photo[4] photo[26]The fact that Matt can get a picture with her is an accomplishment in itself.  She’s weird with him.  She used to cry when he walked in a room.  Now, she just fusses a little when he holds her.  He is great with kids but this one just doesn’t seem to buy it.

I was really happy to capture this moment…

photo[5]Kash asked that Chloe sit with him.  I was able to snatch a photo and then he said “take her away.”  The sweetness only lasts a few seconds.  I did get some cute pics of them in the tub but I was apprehensive about posting them.  Is it creepy to post pictures of babies/toddlers in the tub?  I didn’t think it would be weird if it was just Chloe, but since it’s both of them, I wasn’t sure.  I’m not a mom…so I don’t know.

I made the kiddos Hamburger Helper (don’t judge…that’s what my dad had out) and then once the parentals got home, Matt and I headed to grab Mexican.  It was getting late and we had a coupon…win win.

Knowing that I wouldn’t make it to the gym tonight either because I’ll be going to our small group, I decided last night that I was getting up early to make it to the 5:30 am Body Pump class.  Mine and Matt’s alarms went off at the exact same time, but they were different noises so it about gave me a heart attack.  I started playing on my phone so that I wouldn’t go right back to sleep.  And it worked.  I made it out the door at 5:26 and walked in just as they were starting.

By the way, this is how smokin' hot I am at 5:26 am.  I know, I know...

By the way, this is how smokin’ hot I am at 5:26 am. I know, I know…

I wasn't happy about it still being dark out.  Darkness = sleep.

I wasn’t happy about it still being dark out. Darkness = sleep.

I actually felt great and really energized during the class.  Once it was over, I was like “I want more!  Let’s go run!”  But duty calls and this sister has to get to work.  I have such little time between the time class is over and the time that I need to get in the shower that I don’t have time to cook breakfast (how many times can I say time in one sentence?).  I even left Pump 5 minutes early to get home on time.  I was hoping the breakfast fairies left me a giant omelet with loads of cheese and peppers in it but no, didn’t happen.  So I grabbed a stale protein bar and a glass of milk and hurriedly got in the shower.  Bad thing is that I seriously dislike most protein bars.  They’re all either too soft, too sweet (since so many of them are chocolate), covered in nuts or something else I don’t like, and I just really don’t like them.  So do you have any suggestions of something I can literally just grab and walk around the house eating for 3 minutes until I hit the shower?

A few weeks back, I complained about a Body Pump class I went to and how the instructor wasn’t checking or correcting form by any means.  Well this morning’s class made me really happy…the instructor (a different one) corrected people’s form from on stage.  Nothing serious…usually a “spread your feet a little wider” type comment.  But hey, better than nothing!!  I felt a lot more confident in this instructor.  Maybe it was because the morning classes are smaller and she could see us a little better.  I’m not sure.

I also think the whole “working out in the morning makes you more energized throughout the day” thing is a myth.  Okay, for me anyway.  I had my usual coffee at home but as soon as I got to the office, I dug through my desk to find change for a Diet Coke.  I don’t do this often.  But I felt like I seriously needed the caffeine.  Once I had to go home and get ready for work, the whole being energized thing was over.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Y’all let me know.  I’m going to try to work out in the mornings at least twice a week.  So if you have any tips for how to make this process easier or more beneficial, let me know.

Oh by the way, I think this squat challenge is going to work.  Stupid me forgot to count during the squat track this morning.  Once I remembered though, I counted and we did 60 squats during two tracks and they were all weighted.  So I knocked out day 1 like that.  We will see how the rest of the month goes!!






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4 responses to “My First Early Morning Workout.

  1. Alison

    I still gotta get my butt up for early morning workouts! But there’s school. And college applications. We’ll see. 😉
    Have you tried BelVita breakfast biscuits? They taste like graham crackers (I have the cinnamon brown sugar flavor but there are others) and have whole grains! Not THE most amazing choice but good for busy bees like you 🙂

    • Yes! I actually have a giant box of them from Costco in my house at this very moment. I’m glad you reminded me I have them 🙂 I’ll try that. I do like them. And I totally understand the school thing. I just got done with two years of grad school and working full time. I had so much going on my last semester that I barely worked out for 5 months. Don’t stress…it will be over soon and you can hit the gym whenever you want!!

  2. Kim

    It took a few weeks for my body to adjust to getting up at 5am to workout. I hate working out in the evenings, so I have to do it early or it won’t happen at all! It’s easier after a few days because you’re ready for bed earlier as well. Have you tried Quest bars? Sometimes I’ll eat half of one to hold me over for a while. They aren’t the best, but they have a good amount of protein and fiber and low sugar!

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