Weekend Recap

Manic Monday definitely hasn’t lived up to my expectations at all…it’s actually been a pretty smooth Monday so far (now watch, everything will fall apart).  I hope everyone had a great weekend.  Here’s my weekend recap in pictures…


The birthday boy definitely enjoyed himself…can’t you tell?!


Margarita love.


After Chunky’s birthday dinner, the boys wanted to go ride gocarts.  Welp, that doesn’t work well for girls wearing short dresses.  I mean, it’s not like we were letting it all hang out but come on, everyone at the track didn’t need to see my world.  So, the boys went their way and we went ours…for about an hour.  Then we all met back up and ended up going home a little after midnight.  Party animals right?!

Saturday morning, we hit the road to Macon…


Matt loves it when I take random pictures of us in the car.  I have a much better picture I would have liked to use of this moment but he was using an explicit hand gesture.  We finally arrived in Macon, GA and started to help my brother and sister-in-law pack up their lives for New Mexico…


Okay, while everyone else packed and lifted, I indulged in some delicious peach infused water.  Whatever, you fill in the blanks.

But seriously, I did a lot of lifting, walking, and jogging back and forth between cars on Saturday.  If I wasn’t going to get in a “real workout,” I was going to turn this whole moving ordeal into a workout.  PS.  My brother and his wife finally made it to my other brother’s place in Texas around midnight last night (or this morning?  not sure how that works).  They will be tackling the drive to New Mexico today.  They drove 15 hours yesterday!  And my dad and his wife will be flying the baby out there this weekend.

Yesterday, I taught spin and then we headed over to Matt’s dad’s house for yet another amazing Sunday meal…(oh, and PS. I upheld my weekend workout commitment!)


Here is yesterday’s playlist…


..this was for an hour long class.


Apparently, only my abdomen sweats…


As I got in the car after class, all I could think was “man, I could probably use another hour of that.”  I indulged in a lot of  junk food Saturday–I mean, we were on the road…perfect excuse for Wendy’s.

Then, it was time for dinner.  No need for me to explain how yummy this was…and how yummy it will be for lunch today.  However, I do feel compelled to tell you what a waste I think crawfish are (with regards to eating).  I mean all that work and looking at their creepy little faces, and you only get like a tiny sliver of meat.  Very misleading…


I also got to indulge in my sister-in-law’s Little Mermaid birthday cake.  She turned 19 Saturday.  You can laugh about the cake now 🙂  It was delish!  As for today, I’ll be teaching spin again tonight AND tomorrow night.  I’m on a roll…y’all have a good day!!


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