Chicken & Waffles

If you live in the south and you’ve never had chicken and waffles (yes, together…as a meal), then you need to make plans to do so ASAP.  A few years ago, Matt and I went to Atlanta for a football game and before we travel, we like to do some research on cool places to eat in the city/town we are visiting…we especially like to visit the restaurants that Adam Richman (Man vs. Food) goes to for his crazy food challenges.  Anyway, Matt found a restaurant owned by Gladys Knight and Ron Winans called Chicken & Waffles.  After the game, we made our way toward the restaurant and indulged in what I seriously think is the best pairing of two random foods ever.



Since then, I am always talking about how I want chicken and waffles.  Well, last night, we made it happen.  I told Matt I was craving chicken and waffles and the genius that he is said “well, we can go get chicken at Wife Saver and get waffles from Waffle House.”  Pure genius.  By the time we actually decided to do this, it was almost 9:00 pm and I knew Wife Saver would be closing.  We pulled up at the drive-thru and their “Sorry, we are closed” automated message was playing.  So we just sat there.  Yes, like the message was going to change or something.  Well hot damn if it didn’t.  The heavens opened and this guy’s voice came over the intercom and asked what we would like to order.  Matt asked for chicken and the guy was like “well, we don’t have this kind of meat or this…” whatever, whatever.  Matt goes on to say that we’re desperate, and we will take whatever he’s got.  Yes, we told the man at Wife Saver we were desperate for chicken.

Then we called the Waffle House and ordered just one waffle.  When Matt went inside to pick it up, he said they all looked at him funny and one of the waitresses was like “well, I’ve had stranger requests.”  Asking for one waffle must be weird.  In any event, we made it home with our chicken wings and one waffle and it was slammin’.



This ain’t got nothing on Gladys and Ron’s but it totally satisfied my craving.

In other news, this has been a complete crap-shoot of a week with regards to workouts.  I taught Monday, went to my cousin’s birthday dinner Tuesday, and did absolutely nothing (but eat chicken & waffles) last night.  I don’t regret last night though.  I never go straight home after work.  Never.  When Matt got home from work yesterday, he asked what I was going to do that night.  When I said nothing, you shoulda seen the look on his face.  “No workout?  No going to see a friend  No work event?  Just me and you at home?”  That really opened my eyes.  I rarely make it home during the week before 8-8:30.  I should go straight home from work every now and then just so I can spend more time there.  Even if it is just to do laundry and eat chicken and waffles.  Working out is important but being at home is too.  So there’s that whole “balance” thing again…balancing life at work, the gym, and home can be tough.  So going forward, I’m going to make sure I go straight home from work at least once a week.  It was really relaxing.  Yes, I did feel some guilt because I was sitting on my butt doing nothing.  But when you’re 90-to-nothing all week every week, it’s okay to sit on your butt one night a week…am I right?

I won’t make it to the gym today either…I hate that because I’m starting to see a pattern in how unproductive workout-wise I have been all week.  There is a work event tonight so that means more meatballs and cheap wine for dinner.  But hey, being a business professional in this world is all about networking.  So that’s just part of the job!

Do you ever feel guilty for just sitting on your butt, even when you know you never do it?  I am still struggling today with the fact that I sat at home last night and ate chicken and waffles before bed.

Oh, here’s a pic from Lexi’s birthday dinner…she’s such a diva (and check out Matt’s good fake smile–he loves pictures).  Hope y’all have a great Thursday…it’s almost Friday, whoop!!




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4 responses to “Chicken & Waffles

  1. Omg. I love y’all. I’m mad that you didn’t text me throughout that experience.

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I LOVE chicken and waffles. There is a place in DC called Birch & Barley and they have THE best chicken and waffles. If you’re ever in DC, you have to hit it up.

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