Body Pump & Veggies…frozen or fresh?

I met my friend Nicole at Gold’s Gym for Body Pump yesterday after work.  Before I go any further, let me explain why I am still a member at Gold’s despite the fact that I teach spin and take classes at another gym.  Gold’s is literally within walking distance of my house…sometimes I might drive there but who can blame me.  I am totally the kidnappable type…it could be dark when I leave, I’m a ditsy blonde, and I wear work-out clothes that may or may not be too tight. Anyway, I have contemplated cancelling my Gold’s membership many times but I can’t bring myself to do it.  It’s really cheap and it is so convenient to my house.  I may only go every once in a while but when I can’t get to my “home gym” (about 20 minutes from house), it’s really easy to pop in across the street for a Body Pump or RPM class, or even just a quick run on the treadmill.  That is huge for me once it starts getting dark early…especially since I’ll be training for another half this fall.  Anyway, on with the borophyll…(Billy Madison–you caught that, right?!)

really like Body Pump.  It is a great overall body workout.  The only thing I don’t like about classes at Gold’s is that no one ever checks form.  I’m not bashing the gym by any means…I just think that there are folks out there that don’t know how to handle weight lifting properly and they could really hurt themselves–and that includes me!  I learn more about correct form every time I work out.  And your body benefits from proper form with any exercise you do. So I just wish that during the Body Pump class, there was an extra trainer present that would check form because I know I could benefit from it as well. That even goes for RPM classes.  I’ve only been to a few there but the last time I went, 2 newbies came in, had no idea how to even set their bikes up, and could have really hurt themselves.  I couldn’t take it.  I got off my bike and helped them both.  So my thought was, would the instructor just have let them ride a full hour like that?!

Again, not trying to bash…some of this stuff just caught my eye as a bit dangerous.  When I teach spin, I get off my bike at least twice a class usually.  And I don’t typically go around to students individually and correct form, but when I see someone doing something a little off, I will address the entire class.  Especially so I don’t single someone out.  And I also make sure everyone is set up properly before class begins…even if it does push us back 5 minutes.  Safety should always be #1.  I know this sounds like I’m totally bashing Gold’s Gym…I’m not trying to.  It’s not like I won’t go back there.  I just think their clients (and the gym) would benefit from some form checking…that’s all.  Has anyone ever felt the way I did tonight at another gym’s class?

I can tell you I am sore today.  I was trying to wash my face in the shower this morning and my biceps were trembling.  The class is definitely worth the work.  Now, on to the second portion of this post’s awkward title…

Do frozen veggies count as healthy/clean?  So, I love Costco.  Who doesn’t.  I buy the giant bag of frozen stir-fry veggies.  My rationale is “hey, it’s lots of veggies, easy to cook on the stove, and only like $10.”  I read the ingredients last night and it only lists the ingredients in the bag: snap peas, carrots, onions, mushrooms, broccolli, on and on.  The bag says “all natural, no preservatives.”  So is that true?  Do these count as eating real veggies?  I can’t possibly go to the grocery store and buy all those veggies individually for $10-$15.  #1–they will go bad before I have time to eat them.  #2–it’s not as convenient as pouring frozen veggies out of a bag into a pan.  So please let me know what you think.  Oh, just as information, I attempted cooking cubed steak last night.  Major fail.  Had to drench it in ketchup because it was so dry.  Womp womp…so then I just moved on to a glass (or two) of wine.  No, technically this isn’t the proper amount of wine for one glass…but seriously, I drink wine out of plastic cups.  Who cares.

Oh, these are my homie Presley's initials...I love bridal shower favors.

Oh, these are my homie Presley’s initials…I love bridal shower favors.



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4 responses to “Body Pump & Veggies…frozen or fresh?

  1. Looove BodyPump! I just tried the newest release — 86, I think? — at my gym last night!

  2. haha! 1.) Do work. I love that you helped people in a class you weren’t teaching. 2.) I use frozen veggies sometimes, too. They are the second best option to fresh. Canned veggies are the ones I steer clear from. Usually too much salt/preservatives and then there yucky things in the linings.3.) sPs, represent!

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