Tuesday became a Monday.

Tuesday started off with a bang but not quite the type of bang I preferred (<–I realize that sounds dirty…not my intention).  I changed my outfit at least twice this morning which got me out the door 10 minutes later than normal.  Then, people from work were blowing my phone up by 8:08 am!  So it was an overwhelming morning but I am settled and actually having a really productive day.  And to my mom friends…I bet you are all laughing at me because once we have a baby, no morning will ever go as planned…ever.  Plus, it doesn’t take much to send me into panic mode, especially while I’m trying to get out the door.  Anyway, moving on…

Guess what?  I taught a class last night!  Unbelievable, I know.  Oxygen offers a SPIN/TRX class a few times a week, so I taught the spin portion and then got my butt kicked in TRX.  It’s crazy how strong you feel doing one type of exercise and how weak you feel doing another.  Here’s my 30 minute playlist that I used last night, from warm-up to cool-down:

Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna

Get those legs warmed up and go ahead and stretch those arms out.  Easy into moderate resistance.  Combo flat.  Jump right into the work out with warm up intervals.  Add some hover action…up 4 back 4, up 2 back 2…

Take Over Control – Afrojack feat. Eva Simons (PS. Just found this one and I LOVE it)

Light resistance.  Combo flat.  Standing sprints during chorus.  Seated during verse.  You can’t help but move to this song!

Safe and Sound – Capital Cities

Rolling hills.  Begin with light to moderate.  Add full or half turn every 10 seconds until you hit the chorus.  Then its all out, 100%, push.  Release a full turn after chorus and start over…full or half turn every 10.  All the way to the end.

Anything – TriCosta

Standing moderate resistance for 3 minutes.  Add a full turn every chorus but be sure to maintain that speed as much as possible!

Burn it Down – Linkin Park

There’s a big hill ahead.  Conquer it as a team.  Combo hill.  Use the chorus to get out of the saddle and bring energy to your legs.

Too Much in Love – Chris Willis

Start in the saddle at moderate to heavy resistance.  At 50-60 second intervals, or as the music builds, bring riders out of the saddle for a few seconds, add resistance (usually half to full turn), wait a few seconds, and return to the saddle.

Power – Kanye West

Tabata time!  Alternate between seated and standing climbs.  :20 to :30 seconds on, :10 to :15 seconds off.  Maximum effort, maximum resistance.  This is your time to focus!

To Be With You – Mr. Big

Time to cool it down.  Ride easy and stretch it out.

My friend Allison caught a glimpse of me with her phone during class, so here is a during and after shot.  The room got nice and steamy.

 photo (24) photo (1)

Those things you see hanging above my head on the bike are resistance bands that we use during the Ripped Ride class.  That’s a story for another day…

I got home and the hubs made one of my favorite snacks (okay, we ate it for dinner)…bruschetta!  And don’t judge…who actually wants to do dishes?!  Plastic and paper all the way…unless we’re feeling fancy.

photo (23)

I’ll get around to posting the routine I used last night with the playlist I provided…lunch break is almost over and it’s time to knock out the rest of this day!  I hope you’re having a great Tuesday (and mine did eventually get better).  Oh and let me know…would you rather me post the YouTube links to songs on my playlists or the iTunes download links?  Thanks!!


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One response to “Tuesday became a Monday.

  1. Looking forward to the routine!

    Oh, and I HATE when I end up having to rush around in the AM!

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