Running Shoe Advice (and farewell to Crossfit!)

Today is my Friday, folks, and I couldn’t be more pumped.  Tomorrow morning, the hubs and I are packing up and heading to the beach for a long weekend with a friend.  I have learned to absolutely love weekend trips that aren’t too far from home. I have decided to pack up the ol’ running shoes so I can try to convince myself to at least run once while I’m gone.  A Saturday morning run on the beach wouldn’t let me feel like complete crap about not working out all weekend…right?!

Speaking of running shoes, how do you know when it is time to invest in a new pair?  Obviously, if they are worn out physically, then you know.  But the pair of Brooks Adrenaline that I have still look like they’re in good shape. I’ve trained for and ran two half-marathons in them.  I feel like that’s a lot of miles on a pair of shoes.  Plus, I’ll just say it, I’m dying for any excuse to buy a new pair.  I got the itch.  Before the Brooks, I had the Saucony Kinvara, which I absolutely loved.  Those actually have holes in them now.  The hard thing for me is that I like the arch support Brooks provides with the lightness of the Sauconys. Decisions, decisions…what do you think?

I took my last crossfit class last night with Presley (I had a Groupon…another addiction).  I really enjoyed the five classes I took altogether. I learned what I needed to improve on, where my body is weak, and where my body is strong.  That’s what I love about crossfit…it makes you feel strong. I can easily see how people get hooked.  I stole this pic from Presley…I am pretty sure this was from the moment I walked in the door after finishing our WOD (4X400 m run).  I think the sheer anguish on my face says it all…

crossfitI took my phone out with me on those sprints so I could listen to some jams.  The song that came on during the last 400 meters was Jay-Z & Linkin Park’s Points of Authority/99 Problems/One Step Closer.  Like I’ve already said, that album is my jam.  I also learned how to dead lift last night.  I started with 20 lbs and then moved up to 40 lbs.  Now I just want to get stronger and do more, hence, the crossfit addiction.  If only it wasn’t so pricey…!!

Well, I hope y’all have a wonderful Thursday!!  I’ll try to check-in over the weekend but no promises…I’m going to try to disconnect myself from the social media world for at least 2 full days (with the exception of Instagram…I love pictures too much).  And don’t forget, I need your advice about running shoes please!!



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4 responses to “Running Shoe Advice (and farewell to Crossfit!)

  1. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    I just posted about running shoes! My (unprofessional) advice would be to buy a second pair and slowly transition them in. I find it’s always good to have two pairs so that when your old pair starts to crap out you don’t have to wait and break in a new pair. That’s what happened to me. I had a pair I wore wayyy too long and then when I bought a new pair, I tried running too quickly and did give them a chance to break in properly.

  2. I looove both my Sauconys and Under Armour sneakers for running, although I couldn’t tell you what “model” they are… I’m really professional. 😉

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