Help me eat clean.

As Matt and I were talking about my blog last night, he said “your blog is supposed to be about spinning…but you don’t talk about spinning much.”  Light bulb…he was exactly right.  Crazy enough, since I started the blog, I haven’t been on the bike much.  If I’m not teaching a class, I like to try other things like hot yoga, piloxing, and crossfit to name a few.  I think it is very important to cross-train because your body will only change so much with one activity…at least that’s my experience.  But Matt was totally right.  His comment made me realize that I need to make sure I maintain focus in the blog.  That being said, here’s something that is spinning out of control in my life…my eating. (Nope, that doesn’t have to do with spinning either, but I’ll get it right soon…)

Okay no, I don’t eat fast food every day or load up with sweets at night.  But I tend to do very well throughout the day and then fall short at home.  Here’s the problem…I’m active and I workout but this sista likes her food.  Come on, pizza is delicious.  Don’t lie to yourself.  But the key is moderation when it comes to that type of food.  Another big problem is that I want to be more careful about eating but it’s difficult when your spouse doesn’t.  I’m sure he wouldn’t mind eating healthier dinners but when he is the one who cooks, it is a little hard for me to dictate.  It’s not like we eat junk for dinner every night but we buy a lot of frozen stuff and eat delicious fried pork chops like we had tonight (yes, that is what the pork chops I murdered the other night were supposed to be used for).  I do not want to buy two sets of groceries and cook two different meals.  Ain’t happenin’.  So, I told Matt my concern and of course he says “well why didn’t you tell me…we can eat cleaner.”  Well, okay then.  Let’s do it.  But we can’t go all veganicious right off the bat or anything.  Do you have any tips for how to gradually work toward a healthier, cleaner diet for the both of us?  Also, eating cleaner is going to cost more.  How do you eat clean while on a tight budget?



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4 responses to “Help me eat clean.

  1. It really doesn’t cost more at all! I just stick to the outside aisles of the grocery store. Lots of fruits and vegetables, fish, sometimes chicken. I don’t really cook red meat. I meal plan ahead of time so I know what I’m looking for, and usually spend around $75 for two people for one week. With that being said, I’m the one who grocery shops and cooks, so my meat-loving husband just kind of goes along with it (he can eat meat at lunchtime). I’d say I usually try to make two veggies, or one veggie, one fruit for sides, and then a protein for the main dish. I still need help with my sweet tooth, but that’s a whole other issue.

    • Thank you for the tips!! We’ve always stuck with what’s fast and easiest to make late at night due to the crazy work/school schedules we had. That’s where all the frozen came in. I’m just so thrilled that we are eating dinner before 9-10 pm now!!

  2. Sophie @ life's philosophie

    Eating clean is hard! I’ve “tried” a few times but never feel like I truly want to deprive myself of everything I love. So I just try and find a healthy balance. Aim to eat clean and healthy 80% of the time. When I go to the store I see what is on sale and base my meals off of that. It can be harder to plan meals, but it really helps save money. One time I went to the store and corn was 5 for $2! Done! I’m constantly on a budget and have actually found that only buying clean food saves money in the end.

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