Soccermom Saturday

I mentioned on Friday that I had family coming into town and we had a busy weekend planned.  And that it was.  Matt and I received a phone call from my 3-year old nephew Saturday morning inviting us to go to “Cracker Bawell” for breakfast with him, my dad, and niece, Chloe.  Taking 2 kids under the age of 4 to breakfast for an hour was quite a feat but as we were leaving the restaurant, I realized I kinda like the chaos.

photo (17)

Matt looks terrified.

After breakfast, my dad asked Matt and I to babysit for a few hours because they were having a new fridge delivered.  I was thrilled to play Auntie Lo all day…that is, until I had 2 screaming kids in a minivan.  I figured out how to solve that problem though…just turn the music all the way up and start singing.  I eventually drowned them out.

minivan help


I decided to take the kids over to my grandparents’ house so they could swim.  Kash is such a good little swimmer and Chloe likes to sit on the steps and splash.  Presley and her baby (whoops…toddler) also came by for a quick dip and Chloe ended up with her first boyfriend that day.  After lots of splashing, scattered showers, and watermelon, I decided it was time to go.  The kids needed a nap (and so did I!).  I have to admit…it was absolutely exhausting taking care of two children and it was only for a few hours.  And I wasn’t even alone.  I have a lot to learn before becoming a mommy myself!  Here are more pics from our pool day:

me and chloe

Me and my Chloe Belle

Me and Kash

Me and Kash

Once I was off “aunt duty,” we decided to hit up a Greenjackets game (our local minor league baseball team) with our friends.  Well, it got rained out so we settled on dinner and drinks.  Sunday, Presley and I decided to go to a Piloxing class at Oxygen while the boys hit the golf course.  That was my first workout since Thursday!  So I’m definitely glad we decided to go.

I’ve told y’all before that I’m not the cook in our house…well last night, I cooked.  And it was actually good.  We had steak, fresh squash and onions, and fresh asparagus.  I didn’t take a photo (fail) but just imagine it.  I ended the night with my favorite Sunday night indulgence, True Blood.  I can’t help myself…the vamps are hot.

After work today, I’m off to crossfit.  The box was closed all of last week so I’m eager to get back at it.  I hope you guys have a great Monday!!  And please tell…what’s your favorite Sunday night show?


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